dotted paper

Got a notebook from Goulet with dotted Tomoé River paper. I’ve never used that before. Thought perhaps it would be good for practicing/improving my handwriting. After all … that was one of the basic ideas I had when all this fountain pen stuff started. I just wanted to get a decent handwriting for ‘daily use’ — I had [have] no plans on starting Spencerian script.

Tonight I tried my new, dotted notebook for the first time. Wrote a quote I read somewhere long time ago. It probably saved my life at the time.

This is written with my fine nibbed Waterman Hemisphere with Visconti blue ink. Can’t say I liked the experience. The dots are too pronounced for my taste. I think they should have been more sublte.

This, new Waterman pen quickly became a favourite! It’s my best writing exprience after the Sonnet! It’s smooth, not overly wet. It just works — never skips a stroke, and that was right out of the box. Its full name is Waterman Hemisphere, Blue Obsession 🙂

if I could turn back time

I’ve forbidden myself to even think about going down that path. Once I read a quote that made total sense to me, and it’s tucked away, safely, in my quotes folder:

Each moment you dwell on the past is a moment stolen from your future…

Instead, I went back one year in my blog, only to find that nothings’s changed — I haven’t become a creative person 🙂

I was happy with how the post came out — I remember writing it straight from the heart, no pausing or editing, but I haven’t managed to force myself to become creative.

A song popped up in my mind, when I thought of this title [If I could turn back time], but my memory played a trick on me; I thought it was Annie Lennox. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of her — she gives me the impression she’s made of cold, hard ice.

However, it’s Cher who made that song … I like Cher.



I’ve only done five posts in the postaday-thing and already I’m having second thoughts. Not because I’m fed up with it — quite the opposite; I enjoy it! Often the first thought is the best, though. When I started thinking about this  I was meaning to do it in a separate blog.

This morning it feels as if I’ll bore my followers to death with this daily post in the long run. Then the whole discussion arises: Am I doing this for myself or for others? Today I’ll give myself some time to think about this.

This quote, I loved right away the first time I heard it, in the TV-show Criminal Minds

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. ~Cyril Connolly~

I really liked yesterday’s post in Purpleborough.


new outfit

Tassitus is sporting a brand new theme: Button. «A stylish, lighthearted theme for crafters, hobbyists, and creatives» of which I am none. But … as Hemingway said:

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.

I’m not master of anything, but I know a little about many things, and that is comforting. The theme is cute so I’ll keep it for now.

No photos have been taken lately. It goes in cycles for me … the inspiration, that is. That’s alright too. Instead I’ve been playing around in PhotoShop a lot in the evenings, creating little things, like this:

It’s a nice pastime instead of just gazing at Facebook or reading news.

Hope all is well in the blogsphere!

Those who don’t move …

Those who don’t move won’t notice the chains

That’s a quotation by Rosa Luxemburg. It gets really deep when it’s applied to spiritual issues. I thought about it from another point of view, though. Since I’m an expat, I read a lot of expat blogs. They’re all very different and that’s what makes them interesting — none of us has made an identical journey. What separates myself from all the others most of all, is that I was older when I moved, I don’t have children and I don’t work! The latter I think is the most important difference. Continue reading “Those who don’t move …”