I’ve bought my first, pink ink. This is really weird … «me, getting a pink ink?!» Of all colours … But here I am with a full bottle of Pelikan’s colour of the year 2012; Edelstein Turmaline. I’d been eyeing it for some time — knowing it’s sold out everywhere else.

I put it in the Pelikan M400. That’s an F nib, and I think this would have benefitted from a finer nib than that. Can’t imagine writing a letter in this colour, but still … in some twisted way I’m glad I bought it 🙂



Pink cloud [209/365]


The other night, I liked these pink clouds well enough to grab my camera and get out on the balcony. Then I forgot all about them, until I read Anneli’s post yesterday. Realised they were still sitting on my camera’s memory card … I hadn’t even processed them.

Even if you’re normally not a lover of the colour pink, I think when it appears on Mother Nature’s display we tend to love it anyway.

apps [27/365]

Four years ago, in July, I got my first iPhone. Apple had lots of commercials on TV around that time, and the key phrase in those was «there’s an app for that!»

I’d never experienced a real smartphone … had a BlackBerry but it wasn’t the same thing, so I was eager to try some apps. Especially photo apps, since I’d seen some nice things people had done, online.

Tried a few, but none of them had me really awed … not until now; four years later! Before I go on, I must add that I haven’t put much energy into my iPhotography. Perhaps it’s ‘psychological’ … I always refer to the Nikon as «the real camera», and I just keep taking more or less silly snaps with the phone. When I look at what can be done, I feel I should shape up! All these photos were taken with iPhone 6s [link will open i new tab].

pinkflowers2-minAnyway, I almost lost my train of thoughts here … now I’ve found a photo app that I like! It’s FUN … almost like it used to be back in those days when I made graphics in Photoshop. It does have a learning curve, but there are many tutorials online. The name is iColorama. I shot these flowers in the grocery store and applied a few effects on them.