new ink


Not only my three packs of ink cartridges, but also a Sheaffer Sagaris fountain pen arrived. The latter was unexpected. It was said to arrive Wednesday.

I bought it basically because of the price (!). I paid $22. Thought it was cheaper because of the, perhaps less attractive colour, but the next minute I clicked on the same pen it was $44. I don’t know what happened there … whether it was a glitch within Amazon or what. In any event, I ended up paying $22. I’d never used a Sheaffer, and I want to try [almost] all of the major brands. I was positively surprised by this pen. I was worried it would be too slender for my taste. It’s not. Even if it were on the slim slide, the weight of it compensates for that. It has an F nib, and it is just that: fine. It’s what I consider a fine nib. Normally you always have to take into consideration whether it’s a Japanese fine, a European fine or American … This is fine 🙂 and I like it. It’s a keeper.

Over the run of this day, I’ve tested all my three inks. Since I have only one pen to use them it, it was a bit time consuming … the thorough cleansing between each. I have no idea what possessed me to buy the violet one, but obviously I did. In some strange way I like it. It’s a somewhat desaturated violet .. when I first started to write with it, it looked pink, but only until it had dried. It’s an extremely ‘wet’ ink. The colours you see in this picture … they were all written with the same nib!

greens_scanThe moss green from Faber-Castell is a very pleasant ink to write with and I like the green. It’s getting very close to my “ideal green” … but not fully.

Sepia is okay too. Same thing there — I don’t know why I chose sepia, when it really was the container I was after. Visconti has those gorgeous little bakelit containers for their cartridges, and I have since ordered a blue one. I saw a sample of Visconti blue online, and it seems to be very close to IKB (International Klein Blue) … a blue I love. We shall see when it shows up 🙂



the greens

I like the colour green, but I find it very iffy to get the ‘right’ green … that I really love. So far I haven’t — not when it comes to inks at least. I have only two green.

I bought the Pelikan P205 for the sole reason I wanted to be able to use cartridges — international standard cartridges. With it, I bought a small box of Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine ink cartridges. I’d been eyeing that ink online and finally got to try it. It’s a disappointment colour-wise to me. This is so personal. The ink itself is just as wonderfully well-behaved as all other Edelstein inks, but the colour is not for me. I’m more drawn to the second sample you see in the image, even though that’s not my ideal/grail green either.

I have high hopes for the Graf von Faber-Castell cartridges coming in … perhaps even today, if I’m lucky. The mail seems to be just as iffy — they have busy times now before Christmas.

fur balls [192/365]

Blogging subjects are getting harder to come by, so I’m getting down to the nitty gritty (not!) now … earrings!

I’m not much into wearing jewellery. Sometimes I notice what others are wearing, though, thinking it looks really good at times. I have a pair of diamond studs, and I never think about changing. Once I went to the mall, together with another woman, and she found me so strange, because I wasn’t really interested in looking at all that type of stuff in the stores. I’m not talking about the jewellery stores here, no, the ones where they have all kinds of junque … accessories, I believe they call it. Cheap stuff. Besides I’m scared of them. You just never know what kind of heavy metals are in them. Anyways, we’re all different people, and she might not have been all that drawn to stationery stores if there had been any.

Once, though, while we were still living in Quebec City, I don’t know what possessed me, but I bought these!


What?! Green fur balls?! They’re so not me but I fell head over heels in love with them, and I’ve kept them — thought they were kind of cute, or something. Brought them out now, for this shot. Maybe, some day, I’ll wear them.

I do have another pair of earrings, that used to belong to my mother. They are simple gold rings, but the thing is, they aren’t made for pierced ears, they’re the type you screw on, and I can’t handle that. I’ve been thinking seriously about having them altered, but not gotten around to it.

mumsearringsLooking at them now, which I haven’t done for quite some time, I really think I should pull myself together and bring them to the jewellery repair store.

St. Patrick’s Day

This .gif image, I must have had in store since 1996 or so … never lost it, no matter computer crashes — to use once a year! 😆 Hats off to whoever created it … I was never able to find out.

Today, we’re all Irish, I guess. Gerry … my man, is of Irish descent.

It’s still early morning …. and a very beautiful one too. Don’t know yet what the plans are for this day. Usually there are activities in Market Square and a ceremony at the Celtic Cross in Saint Patrick’s Place.

We moved to Saint John in November 2008, so 2009 was our first St. Patrick’s Day here. As we were sitting in the café in Market Square, right beside the fountain … they turned on the water, remotely. It was green! Boy, I thought that was so cool … sometimes, I’m easily amused!

I took pictures of it with our little Canon point&shoot camera, all of a sudden wishing I’d had a DSLR camera … I wanted to get that silky, smooth effect that I’d seen in photos. Sooo… that was the beginning … in April I bought my first Nikon and the following year I shot this: