Can’t say I’ve had much luck with purple inks. Tried J. Herbin’s Violette Pensée … it just never dried, and I’m left handed. It looked stunningly beautiful while wet! When it eventually dried, some 30 minutes later, on Tomoé River paper, it turned more blue-ish.

The example above is Diamine’s Amazing Amethyst. I like the colour. It tends to smear, when I’m not careful and wait long enough, as you can see in the beginning of the sample.

Pelikan’s Edelstein Amethyst — it’s a good, well-behaved ink like all other Edelsteins. I just don’t like the shading of it — it looks black, and now I have two bottles of it. The second bottle came with the pen, and the price was right. I wouldn’t have gone out and bought a second bottle otherwise.

Now I have a bottle of d’Atramentis Aubergine on the way. I feel a little excited about that … just hope it won’t be as slow drying as J. Herbin.


I’ve bought my first, pink ink. This is really weird … «me, getting a pink ink?!» Of all colours … But here I am with a full bottle of Pelikan’s colour of the year 2012; Edelstein Turmaline. I’d been eyeing it for some time — knowing it’s sold out everywhere else.

I put it in the Pelikan M400. That’s an F nib, and I think this would have benefitted from a finer nib than that. Can’t imagine writing a letter in this colour, but still … in some twisted way I’m glad I bought it 🙂



the greens

I like the colour green, but I find it very iffy to get the ‘right’ green … that I really love. So far I haven’t — not when it comes to inks at least. I have only two green.

I bought the Pelikan P205 for the sole reason I wanted to be able to use cartridges — international standard cartridges. With it, I bought a small box of Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine ink cartridges. I’d been eyeing that ink online and finally got to try it. It’s a disappointment colour-wise to me. This is so personal. The ink itself is just as wonderfully well-behaved as all other Edelstein inks, but the colour is not for me. I’m more drawn to the second sample you see in the image, even though that’s not my ideal/grail green either.

I have high hopes for the Graf von Faber-Castell cartridges coming in … perhaps even today, if I’m lucky. The mail seems to be just as iffy — they have busy times now before Christmas.