Can’t say I’ve had much luck with purple inks. Tried J. Herbin’s Violette Pensée … it just never dried, and I’m left handed. It looked stunningly beautiful while wet! When it eventually dried, some 30 minutes later, on Tomoé River paper, it turned more blue-ish.

The example above is Diamine’s Amazing Amethyst. I like the colour. It tends to smear, when I’m not careful and wait long enough, as you can see in the beginning of the sample.

Pelikan’s Edelstein Amethyst — it’s a good, well-behaved ink like all other Edelsteins. I just don’t like the shading of it — it looks black, and now I have two bottles of it. The second bottle came with the pen, and the price was right. I wouldn’t have gone out and bought a second bottle otherwise.

Now I have a bottle of d’Atramentis Aubergine on the way. I feel a little excited about that … just hope it won’t be as slow drying as J. Herbin.


dsc_1090Pelikan release these limited editions of ink and fountain pens every year, in the series Edelstein (=gem stone). Last year’s … 2015 … was Amethyst.

I haven’t been into this stuff for long, so I only found out recently. This year was Aquamarine, and I’m not too keen on that, but I fell hand over heels for Amethyst.

Can’t say that it is my favourite gem stone if I ever had one. I do have a certain connection to amethyst, though.

When I was a teenager I laid eyes on a ring in the local jewellery store back home. It was both the design of the ring as well as the sole amethyst that had me so incredibly drawn to it. I saved up as best as I could … I do think my mum added some money in the end … and I  was finally able  to buy it.

Even though I didn’t wear it all the time, I always treasured it.

I lost it when my first husband stole it and sold it for booze.

Hence, my ‘connection’ with amethyst. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time going back and forth in my deciding whether to buy it or not. Finally I got so fed up sitting there, gazing at it on one of the few places that still had one in stock, so I bought it.

Was a little bit worried about how I would feel about the stainless steel nib. That turned out to be unnecessary. The M205 nib is surprisingly smooth. I love to write with it.

Will I ever be able to load it with a different ink?! That remains to be seen 🙂