Ideally, I would like to merge my ‘new’ interest for handwriting and fountain pens into this blog without boring my readers to death. When an old blog, all of a sudden, takes on a completely different direction … usually, you lose! My blog didn’t have a direction so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem, right?! 🙂

I don’t know what it was like, back in the days when the use of fountain pens and ink was common, but I don’t think the supply of ink colours was what it is today. It’s literally endless.

The poppy is one of my favourite flowers … if not The Favourite … so I was drawn to this notebook by Rhodia, labelled as «Poppy Red» and I paired it with a ‘poppy red’ ink. Luckily they come in small bottles like the one in the picture — how often would one use red ink for writing anyway?! I use it only in my notebook … not letters.

Sometimes [ahem … quite often!] I ‘force’ my husband to try out new pens and look at various shades of this or that ink colour. He’s the only one around … (cat McDuff couldn’t care less). He complies, but then starts to read some Latin to me, from Cicero’s writings, just because I’m as interested in that as he is in inks LOL.

poppy_mugsPoppies don’t grow naturally around here and I hope that I’ll, one day, will get the opportunity to be in a field of poppies somewhere.

Every weekday, we have Coronation Street on TV here. I don’t follow it, but sometimes the TV is just on, and I see them using a gorgeous poppy mug when they drink tea [which they do pretty much all the time]. This is my current collection. I have some dinner plates too.