Weekend before last, we had something called Festival of Sails here in Saint John. There were twelve [or eighteen, now I’m not sure] tall ships in the harbour. The started arriving 10AM on Friday morning and I knew this. The programme for that weekend’s activities had been posted in the newspaper and all over Facebook.

So, a few minutes before 10 o’clock I took the car and drove up on the hill, to the look-out point. We live right behind this hill so it took less than a minute. I don’t know whether I live in a dream world, under a rock or what, but I just thought this would be easy … just drive up, shoot a few pictures and be done with it.

As soon as I’d driven up a little bit I realised something was going on, because there were cars parked on that narrow road leading up to the top. When I got to the first ‘plateau’, I was going to just forget about the whole thing and just get out of there. Literally everyone had apparently the same idea as myself, with the only difference they were there early — they were sitting on blankets Β with picnic baskets on the lawn … they were milling about, elbow to elbow.

I left the car, with the engine running, walked a few metres away from it and shot a few random shots and left.

IMG_5079The weather was atrocious most of that weekend, but I saw so many, gorgeous photos of these ships online, on Facebook. This is one of I copied from the webcam.

I went downtown on the Saturday for a different reason, the rain was pouring down so hard, but there were people out anyway … lots of people. Some rain won’t put Saint Johners off from taking part in an event like this πŸ™‚

Two ships hung around two more days … they were going overseas and needed to do some stuff before they left, so I took a few iPhone photos of them. One was Lord Nelson of the U.K. and the other Wylde Swan of the Netherlands.



23 Replies to “Sails”

  1. Very entertaining, and I can picture the scene.

    I’ve done it myself, not taken account of the fact that a million others are thinking the same thing.

    I guess a pro would have turned it into a kind of reportage of the event, with photos of the crowd on the narrow road up on the hill, photos of the picnic blankets, etc.

  2. As David says, it would have been fun to take documentary photos of the crowds gathered to watch the same event! A shame it wasn’t as peaceful as you probably wished for, but especially the photo in the header was certainly worth it – very eerie, subtle, atmospheric… Also, so happy to see you’re alive!!

        1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I’m going to look into the thing you’re doing and see … perhaps I could find some inspiration there. I really would like to write!

          1. You’re getting my hopes up high πŸ™‚ It’s a basic course really, neither too challenging nor too interesting, but it’s something that makes me write. Which I wanted to do. So, ultimately, it works for me. I’ll be impatiently waiting further developments at your end πŸ˜‰

  3. The shot in your header is incredible in how it shows the actual size of these Tall Ships; as, included on the right (starboard, lol) are not one, but two channel markers looking like bathtub toys: ) Also loved realisation that – what I’m actually looking at (dead ahead!) is what I’ve often heard of but never actually seen – is a “tops’l/ top sail(?). So cool!
    But, speaking of cool, the absolute best one is the feeling I got, while looking at your pic of the sailing ship from all those decades ago docked in front of the red brick building, just as it might’ve been when that building was new…

    1. Hey Deb πŸ™‚
      I was surprised to see that shot when it came up on the screen here. I just shot two, without real care, and quickly walked back to the car.

      Yes, all those old, red brick buildings are still sitting down there on Water Street. The particular building in the picture has been turned into rather upscale condos [at least I think it’s that one].

  4. LOL Rebby sometimes I don’t know what’s happening in my own town either….I like your misty ship photos…very ethereal…
    For some reason I have not gotten any notifications from your blog…due to I stopped following??? I have no idea why this happened. At least I am reconnected now.
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & paw patsss Dharth Henry xxx

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