Lately, I’ve felt a bit of that «blogging feeling» coming back … that it would be fun to write something online again, as opposed to staring at a mind numbing Facebook feed. I’d spread myself out too much here in WordPress and that irked me — I wanted to merge them all into one, otherwise I lose focus. As I was pondering this, I went out into the kitchen to start supper, turned the radio on, and the song that came out of it was Colder Weather with Zac Brown Band. I took that as a sign I should return to my original domain, and friendly WordPress has now transferred my followers.

So, without you even knowing, you’ve now become a follower of 🙂. I’ll post every now and then, just like I did before.

DSC_1837I haven’t taken many photos, but yesterday I brought my camera with me to the park. For the first time in my life, I got to see a turtle, up close and personal. It’s not a free turtle … it’s kept in captivity there, and I was told she’s about twenty years old.

Last week, I got back from a two-week-trip to my native Sweden. I spent the whole time in my hometown, except the last day and a half, in Stockholm. Seeing the corner of one of the biggest department stores there, cordoned off, covered with tarps, after the terrorist attack broke my heart. As I was walking around downtown Stockholm, this video came to mind every now and then [watch the last seconds closely]:

Now … I won’t end this on such a sad note. I had a great trip, and the last night in Stockholm I went out to dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in thirty years. Lots of catching up to do there … many laughs and memories. Speaking of catching up — I’ll do my best in catching up with your blogs and get back into the swing of things.


Question: How do you insert HTML in the new editor? I can’t find it …

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  1. Never used FB. Yuck. Glad your trip was good! And welcome back Rebekah. To use HTML, switch to the Text mode. I avoid that and use the old editor, much better. Have asked WP about this, they have no plans to switch the editors up so apparently we must use either. Seems ridiculous since WP hosts around twenty percent of sites on the web. Welcome back!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 So … it’s still that way; that you have to switch to the old editor in order to insert HTML? I thought that would be fixed by now … many other things seem to have changed.

      1. I just checked to be sure, the ‘new’ editor has the same as the old, there are two tabs, one for Visual the other for HTML. It actually says HTML on the tab.

          1. It’s OK Rebekah. i use that side when inserting shortcode for video. WP removed the Justify button from the older editor, the new one has the justify button. But since I upgraded to the Business plan, I can install plugins. Hence I installed a plugin that greatly enhances the editor and brought back the Justify button. a few of the widgets in my sidebar are plugins.

              1. So you closed all of your sites including the Nibs site I think it is? Yeah, having access to plugins is pretty cool, and on too. It’s not a cheap upgrade but I was backed into a corner. Having used all of my storage space and WP no longer offering individual storage space upgrades, they basically force us to either purchase the Business plan with everything unlimited, or remove posts, photos and video. I think this is dirty business myself but then what are the options? SquareSpace? Blogger? Weebly? Wix? Ugh. They have us by those particular parts it seems…

                1. Yes, I’m about to go through them and close. The nibs site wasn’t going anywhere anyway. I don’t have any videos, like you, so if I had been strict about it, from the beginning, and compressed all photos, it wouldn’t have been too bad. Now it is. It’s sad they removed that option. Everyone it out to make a buck. None of these sites you mentioned appeal to me. This will be something I have to think about long and hard in a not too distant future. I won’t let it go …

                  1. The first 500 or so posts on my site were not compressed, not cool. Every photo that goes up now is less than one megabyte. The videos aren’t something I want to mess with. They are never more than around two hundred megabytes. I have almost 1100 posts now. I’ve always believed that one site is enough. Tried more than one years ago and it was confusing. It takes a lot of effort to try and build a follower base. I have a little less than 400!

                    1. 141 followers here now, but most of them aren’t ‘real’. Would have been more if I hadn’t moved so much.

                    2. Be active every day or almost every day uploading your latest. They will come. Did you take down everything?

                    3. Not yet, I’m too tired LOL. I don’t know whether I care all that much about the number of followers — I care most about the ones I have and really interact with. You guys have become like personal friends over these years since 2011. Many seems to hit ‘follow’ for reasons that are beyond me, and many of them aren’t even ‘real’ …

                    4. Sorry about this Rebekah, faux followers are an issue. No idea really how many of my almost 400 followers are real. I’ve tried to delete them. Site maintenance is an ongoing thing.

                    5. Yeah, and I still have a lot of ‘adjusting’ to do. Maybe tomorrow — it’s supposed to rain all day ☔️

                    6. Rain is good, no rain here even though June through September are our Monsoon months. Stay dry and cool! currently 108F here….

                    7. Air Conditioning is the only way we can live here in summer. I can take a twenty minute walk in the heat with no issues but it’s nice to cool off inside. Actually I’ve not used the AC the last couple days to cut costs. It gets to about 87 inside but the ceiling fan makes it possible.

      1. WP can be a serious pain in the arse. The WP ‘happiness engineers’ told me that this is a known glitch in the system and am ‘working’ on a fix. BS. Meanwhile, I see a buttload of views coming from the Reader, yet Nill on my site proper. It’s good yet it smells badly…

        1. One can’t comment on your posts from the Reader either, if one would feel like it, but that’s perhaps because it’s set that way. Doesn’t matter — I like to go to the real site anyway.

          1. Thank you Rebekah, and this is the damned issue that WP seems to be aware of yet no resolution?? For me, WP is vey much a love/hate relationship.

            1. It is for me too, but the love part used to outweigh the hate. It started to go downhill with the new editor, methinks. I also think the general ‘pattern’ of blogging has shifted over the last couple of years. They’ve probably lost a lot of users to other stuff, like InstaGram and the likes.

              1. I really like Instagram. And considered using it instead of a blog but never had the guts to shut my site down. How has the pattern changed?

  2. Welcome back Rebby!! I thought you were gone forever. So I am thrilled you are back blogging. We have been thru so much over the 12 years we have known each other & I missed you & McDuff ALOT!
    I am happy that for the most part Sweden was delightful. And to see an old friend is priceless!
    Sending (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & paw kissesss Dharth Henry xXx

    1. Hey … thanks! 🙂 Oh no, I wouldn’t give up on this entirely. It comes and goes … like April snow LOL. McDuff needs all the paw kisses he can get — went for his pedicure yesterday, he had a couple of ingrown claws. The same ordeal as usual. Poor li’l guy … he suffers so from these trips.

      1. LOL @ April Snow! I hear you Rebby. I am only blogging once or twice a week. I LOVE blogging but Life just keeps on happening & I can’t get here as much as I used to.
        OUCH!!! Ingrown nails is totally an ordeal…..I am lucky that I can now put Dharth Henry on top of toilet seat & hold each paw & clip them…..I might get 1 or 2 paws done only. So a few days later I repeat the toilet seat snuggling & clipping. For a cat who has 2 scratchers plus claws the trees out back his claws grow like weeds….YIKES!!!!
        How is McDuff today??? Dharth Henry sends quadruple paw kissesss to his Cuss-inn!
        (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen 🙂

        1. He’s fine. I should have started that routine when he was a kitten. No way I can do it now. I wish someone could come to our home and do it. Now I’ve got something to give him before next trip. It’s not a sedative, but it will calm him down, she said.

          1. Agreed! McDuff is so set in his ways now! I could do anything with Mingflower as I started her at 5 months of age. Dharth Henry has been handled by humans since he was 6 weeks old so he tolerates eye treatment; dental wipes; nail trimming; syringe meds quite well. Nylablue came to me @ 5 yrs old & I could not even touch her paws! So Dr. Dave would trim them when we came in for free….
            What were you given for McDuff? I use Bach’s Rescue Remedy on Dharth Henry when he gets too wild & crazy, lol…


                Please research using ‘Gaba’ on McDuff>>> I do not think it is a good choice….It can be VERY addictive & also harsh on stomach. I have NEVER heard of ‘Gaba’ being used to calm a cat down Rebby…
                Bach’s Rescue Remedy is herbal & has NO side effects!


                Here is the Bach’s site with info for you…..let me know what you decide Rebby!

                1. It’s only for the times I’m taking him to the vet. This happens three times a year … not for general use. He doesn’t need to be calmed down in ordinary life.

                2. I’ve read that link now. It’s Neurontin! I know that … for humans. Back in ‘those days’ I’ve had it myself. He got the lowest dose, it comes in capsules, so I can give half.

                    1. I will try half a capsule, an hour and a half before we go next time. We just can’t go on this way, and Sarah, the vet, agreed.

                    2. I think that is a good idea! When I am taking Dharth Henry to new vet I always rub Bach’s Remedy in his ears to help him stay calm. Thankfully he is good @ Vet’s; it is getting him there that can be a bit hair raising!
                      I hope the Gaba will work for McDuff!!
                      ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen
                      P.S.: I took your suggestion & go to WP Reader in morning & I can zip thru quite a few blogs while having coffee & waking up! It really makes things more manageable Rebby! 😉

                    3. I HATE to see him suffer the way he does, during those vet visits. It starts as soon as I put him in the carrier. He pants so badly, so finally Sarah suggested this — she thought it was bad too. He’s not the bravest lad in the world to start with — he’s generally scared and nervous — so this is terrifying to him. I so dread these visits, but it has to be done.

                      The reader is alright at times … especially when one has a back-log 🙂

                    4. Poor McDuff he does have issues! YIKES!!! Thankfully Mingflower & Nylablue were ok in a carrier. Nylablue did not like sitting on exam table so we would take the top off carrier & she was doctored from inside the carrier…what a girl.
                      When I first met Dharth Henry I noticed how he & Tyerrone slept in the big carrier together. So when I brought him home I kept carrier out in corner of bedroom & he sleeps in it to this day. If I want to take him on walker I put him in carrier & attach on seat of walker & he really enjoys being rolled around…. LOL 🙂
                      As for McDuff I think a bit of calming med is in order…for his sake & yours because I KNOW how upsetting it is to watch one of our beloved cats in distress!

  3. Welcome back Rebekah. I haven’t been blogging much lately either, nor taking photos. I’ve started a new job in a kindergarden/pre-school, so I can’t sit on the computer all day long like I did when I worked at an office.
    After work there’s house chores and multiple things to be done before bedtime, so WordPress (and also photography) will have to wait.

    1. Hej! 🙂 Great to hear from you … and I hope/think that your change in job is a good one! Never had the impression you were happy with your job. I have all the time I want, but the interests have shifted … I do more handwriting.

  4. It’s great to hear you’re getting back in the blogging mood! I’ve missed your posts. This photo of the turtle made my day – I like turtles, used to have one just like that.

    As John says above, I have a love/hate relationship with WP. I’ve lost interest in exploring the changes they make and can’t be bothered making a full use of WP as I used to, such as using custom CSS (or even adding photos to my posts recently).

      1. It’s funny how your interests change. I was so passionate about customising my blog and now I couldn’t care less. I did use my camera last weekend though – after almost a year of it sitting on the shelf unused. Maybe I’ll go back to shooting at least.

        1. I’ve noticed that too … very much. Even now, on my trip back home, I didn’t even bring my Nikon. Too heavy and bulky. Instead I brought a smaller point & shoot, but I didn’t like that at all, so I hardly took any pictures. I doubt photography was a real interest for me … or … it depends on how you define ‘interest’. I wanted to take pretty picture, but I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in the technicalities of it all. As soon as they started to talk about focal length and stuff like that, my brain began to boil LOL. When I was young, I was interested in crocheting (!). That lasted perhaps … two years, at the most, from what I can remember. The HTML/CSS I could spend hours and hours on … now, like you say; I couldn’t care less. While we lived in Quebec, I spent all nights, making stuff in Photoshop … like background images and things like that. Now I can’t bring myself to do it, even though I still have Photoshop and do remember the techniques. Am I that fickle? Is it ‘wrong’ to be that way? I have no answers … it just is the way it is. Right now, it’s the fountain pen/handwriting phase. I hope it will last, because I have inks to last five, consecutive lifetimes LOL at least!

          1. Ha! This is funny, I have a somewhat similar experience with photography – I used to enjoy taking photos and editing them but wasn’t too keen on achieving any mastery or what and never learned any theory of photography. I never even learned to use my camera properly, which is a shame.

            I hope you do stick to writing, if only to use up all the pens you’ve accumulated! It’s a fascinating hobby.

            And no worries, I used to crochet as well a few years ago! I even produced a crocheted handbag which I wore with pride.

            1. The photography; I felt as if I needed to take an old, analogue camera apart and learn the whole science about optics. Geez … I always put the bar too high.

              I did produce a bedspread! Countless, round, little table cloths LOL

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