Day One

When I got my first iPhone, back in 2012 … one of the first things I did was to download the app DayOne. I’ve mentioned it many times before here in the blog.

Then I wrote in it every day, faithfully. Sometimes long entries, full of thoughts and reflections, more often quick notes about trivial things … what we’d watched on TV or what we’d done the day before.  It’s a diary/notes app, and they add more and more, nifty features all the time. Hashtags, for example, for easy search. Sharing — so that when you check in somewhere, with the Swarm app, it automatically posts to DayOne.

All this could be pretty handy when you go back in time … when you want to find out «when was it we went to Calais last time??» or … «When was the last time I had a haircut?» Easy … I’d search the word “Calais” or «haircut» in DayOne.

All this is fine and dandy. As I’m typing up this post, I feel how I need to get back to DayOne.

fullsizerender-22I had four years worth of writing there when this «analogue fountain pen phase» begun. I started writing, so called, Morning Pages. Three, full pages every morning. Eventually that petered out to two pages, but still. Plus lots of other handwriting. When you’ve emptied out your mind that way in the morning, there’s hardly anything left for DayOne. I quit it.

morning_coffeeI sorely regret that now. It’s such a great thing to have, and I will resume it. Okay, there will be almost eight months missing, but I’ll take that. It won’t take away from my morning handwriting — that’s a pleasure I won’t deny myself.

Last year, around this time, I signed up for WordPress Premium. I’ve hardly used it lately — the premium features that is — so I won’t renew. They sent me an email, way ahead of time, reminding me it would be time to renew in 73 days. Fine … I’ll just pass on that one. What irks me to no end, is this: After I received that email … as soon as I go in to Facebook, in my stream I keep seeing reminders from WordPress to renew my subscription. I’m not using the same email for the two accounts, WordPress and Facebook.

I can think of a number of explanations for this ‘phenomenon’, but nevertheless I find it creepy and there are days I just want to step away from social media entirely.

31 thoughts on “Day One

  1. If I was in your position and if I really wanted all my written notes in DayOne, I would maybe use Apple’s built-in voice memo to speak them into the computer- maybe directly into DayOne if that is possible.

    Or I might try one of the OCR apps with my phone to read my handwriting and turn it into ASCII.

    1. That’s a great thought! I could do that … read some of them into DayOne. Will look into that. I’ve been curious about those OCR apps, but not enough to check them out … yet 🙂

  2. So many ways FB (and Google and Apple and Amazon, etc.) can track your outside activity. I let my 25 year old niece borrow my computer when she visited and suddenly I’m drowning in offers for various types of lingerie.

    1. 😀 Yeah! I was looking for flights the other day, and since then I’m bombarded with ‘offers’ from various airliners …

    1. As much as I love this analogue part of my life, I miss all those digital features — the thing is to keep a healthy balance 🙂

  3. Information/data mining is, in my opinion, an invasion of privacy and an instantaneous kiss of death for companies who try to use this tactic to sell me something.

      1. If these companies knew that we would studiously avoid buying what they’re peddling, it might make a difference, yeah? But maybe it’s just me that gets so put off by this behaviour. (Never have been one of the/ “tout le gang” ; )

        1. Marketing is big business … I’m sure they’ve done their studies how most people work. I honestly don’t know that I’d buy anything due to a Facebook ad. TV commercials: I might have bought some shampoo at some point 🙂 I never click on anything in the right column in FB … so much «fake news» 😉

  4. I’m happy to see a new post from you 🙂 It’s great to have a diary where you can find things – like when you last had your haircut. It’s also great to have a journal. I don’t keep a diary – describing what I did and what happened – but I keep a journal (I started on the new year), which analyses rather than describes and it’s doing me a lot of good. I write it in longhand, which also does me good. WP has been sending me notices to renew my subscription too – months ahead of time. I won’t be renewing either. I’m not happy with the price and value of the package anymore.

    1. I don’t do much, so in the diary/journal there are thoughts and reflections on current events or whatever. But I do like the hashtags — makes it real easy when you want to find something.

      Like you, I’m not happy with the value vs. price of the package. Also … I’m no longer obsessed with the CSS part, so I honestly don’t care. I’m super happy with these two themes I’ve found … this here, and the one in hernibs.

      1. The hashtags – or simply the option to search for a word – is one convenience of typing your journal/diary rather than writing it in longhand. On the other hand, I’ve found I have a visual memory, so when I search something in my journal, I know where to look. I don’t read it too often, I should read it more – I invent a positive mantra (or a motto) to characterise each day, and I think it’s starting to work for me. So the other day I was reading through my mantras accumulated over the month and half – I might be even blogging them. Someone else might find it helpful too. It’s not like I’m normally into these kinds of things, but a person gets to a point where she is willing to try anything.

        I’m digressing. I hope my resolve not to extend my WP subscription lasts; it’s not worth the money, but I’ll be sorry to lose my domain. I don’t do much CSS on the blog either anymore. Not really needed, the themes have plenty of in-built options these days.

        1. I, too, have a pretty good, visual memory … and I write with various ink colours, so I actually do think I’d be able to find a great deal of stuff. The hashtags are just so damned convenient 🙂 What you wrote about the mantras sounds like a great system. I, for one, would love to read about it.

          In my case, I won’t lose the domain … I have it mapped to WordPress from GoDaddy. But now I’m having second thoughts … if tassitus really is “me” … for life?! I think writemeow dot com would be pretty nifty too, huh?! 😀

          1. Awe, writemeow dot, hurry up or I’ll get the domain myself 😉 (Kidding, I’m trying to avoid purchasing unnecessary things, I’m in economising mode.)

            I also write in colours, which helps me to organise my ideas. Mostly it’s just a horrendous kind of free writing though. Well, so the next time I’ll make myself to blog, I’ll blog my mantras so you could have a good laugh at me 😉

            1. I want to get into that mode too 🙂 I won’t buy it. It’s taken everywhere else, so it wouldn’t be unique in any way. Cute though … Right now I’m actually eyeing a red ink! Called Poppy Red …

    2. What is the difference between a journal and diary?(asking Mare Eastern)?in the last comment

  5. So I am not the only one wondering how WP is on my FB feed when I use 2 entirely different emails for WP & FB!!! Very creepy indeed Rebby!
    Sorry I feel so far behind….I am never going to catch up, lol….
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

    1. Not to worry … I’ll never catch up either. I don’t fret about it.

      Not sure about the technicalities of it — it might have to do with the, so called, ‘cookies’. I doubt anything would work if one were to turn them off.

      Just went into Amazon and searched for an ink. Immediately it started appearing in Facebook … ads from Amazon about ink.

      1. I try to not fret…but I am so invested in about 45 blogs….some of the people I’ve known as long as you….to walk away….I couldn’t! So I try to visit as much as I can. And Dharth Henry as a solid fan base & I want to keep those friendships alive also…
        As for FB it is weird how things go on there. Anything I seem to look for online ends up in an ad on right side of my newsfeed page….I think it is all interconnected….

          1. It feels like abandoning friends if I have to stop following…I am still connected to you & Maggie from 360 days…we have spent so many years hanging out together…..I’m here for the long haul…. 😉

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