… and life goes on

It’s been awfully quiet on this front — not one post in well over a month. Christmas and New Year’s are over … stored away.

Hardly any pictures have been taken. I guess it’s just this time of year I don’t feel very inspiring. Besides I’ve been engrossed in my little world of fountain pens and handwriting. Didn’t want to go on and on about that here, so I started a separate blog for that. This one was never intended to be any kind of ‘niche blog’. I didn’t want to change direction of it …( if it ever had any direction at all) since  that isn’t always appreciated by all readers and I aim to please.

Life is good here. We mosey around as usual … online, watch TV at night. British series on Netflix is something we always look out for, and we were excited when they announced the last season of The Fall. A crime series which took place in Belfast. I admire the main actress there … Gillian Anderson.

Last week, we watched an Icelandic series … Trapped. It wasn’t bad! It had a bit of that “Nordic noir” to it, and I like that. I realise how quickly we got used to ‘binge watching’. Normally, we’d have to wait a week until next episode started.

Sunday, two weeks ago, a new season of Homeland began. For the first time, I got disappointed! That series has surprised me, as I never thought it would catch on after Brody died, but it did … until now. I lost it so much I forgot about it this last Sunday!

mcduff_kitchentableCat McDuff is fine too. He hasn’t missed a meal! I bought some treats for him in a pet store — got a shock when I looked at the little bag, how expensive it was! He must have sensed that, since he refuses to eat the regular “candy” he used to love before. Now he wants “Kittles”! LOL

Here’s he’s shamelessly resting on the table. This photo really makes him look fatter than he really is.

53 thoughts on “… and life goes on

  1. I noticed you’ve been missing Rebekah. Good to see you back. McDuff looks beautiful too. All is well here, at work just now. Be well! 👍🏻💕😻

    1. Hi John, and thanks 🙂 I really would like to get back into the swing of things, and I think I will. Slowly but surely 🙂

                1. Yup! At the stroke of midnight, I get a soft paw on my arm. If I don’t react to that, it gets more firm … more demanding, and eventually he meows. 🙂

  2. We just got Homeland again – new series but I haven’t watched it yet. I think it might be an old series masquerading as a new series. Because we moved countries (Scotland > England) we are not sure which Homeland we are living in. I might have to check with headquarters. As we have come to learn, in this post-factual world anything is possible.

    Glad to see you writing. 🙂

    1. This new season takes place in NYC. They’re almost up to date (VERY almost), because they have a president elect, but it’s a woman.

      I wasn’t meaning to give up totally on Homeland, but I just forgot about it last Sunday night.

      Have you seen The Fall?

      1. Yes, the Fall has been here – (should that be ‘fallen’ here) and I watched only snippets and then the last two episodes. Strange series and friendlier than the impression I had of it from watching the trailers on TV. There’s another series on at the moment ‘Unforgotten’ – English crime series. I watched the last two episodes. The acting is great, not sure which way the plot is going. The best thing I have seen is ‘To Walk Invisible’ a dramatised series about the Brontes – written by the woman who wrote Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax. Watch out for it – it is superb.

        1. I had the impression The Fall was the original title …

          Oh, I’ll be on the look-out for that one for sure! We loved both Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax. The latter in particular, I think of it often. She’s SO good, that actress … Susan, and I forget the last name.

          Can you understand why I get a horisontal scrollbar with this theme?

          1. Yes it is the Fall. I was making a (poor) joke that now that it has finished it has fallen…

            What is the horizontal scroll bar that you see? I can’t see anything.

            1. On this page/blog. Doesn’t matter whether I’m on the front page or the post. Same thing [same theme] in hernibs.com. There’s a horisontal scrollbar when one moves to the side(s).

  3. Saknat dig och dina texter. Jag blir alltid glad att se Mc Duff, han är en livsnjutare av högsta rang. Här har det varit stressigt utan dess like sedan början av januari. Mest enormt mängd fackligt arbete som tar den lilla energi som finns den här årstiden.

    1. Ja, han är det! Han har varit och fått sin pedikyr men han har hämtat sig från det traumat nu. Hoppas Du har det bra på jobbet i alla fall.

    1. CMD + zero didn’t do it … it’s not that, and only these two, with this theme. Just checked some others. I use Safari, but brought it up in Chrome — same thing.

  4. Good to see you Rebekah, I too have been slack with my blog. Been having trouble with it (it’s a self-hosted blog) – I can’t get into the dashboard to reply to readers comments and getting no help from my ipage, my host. I want to go back to the free WordPress.
    McDuff looks very comfortable there. Talking about McDuff’s treats, my dog Poppy will not eat anything but the real deal – I have tried her on cheaper ones but there is no fooling her – she will not eat them!

    1. Ha ha! McDuff has always been on the regular ones, all this life. But now he knows there’s better stuff! Kittles LOL. I replied to a comment you wrote a couple of weeks ago, about moving back to WordPress dot com. I did that with another blog. I’ll see if I can find the comment …

  5. Welcome back and happy new year – though if you keep watching those noirs… I really enjoyed Trapped. Have you seen the BBC’s slow TV programme, the Sleigh Ride? Look it up on YouTube if you feel any need for calm in your life – or snow and a slow journey beynd the Arctic circle that takes 2 hours with no story and no soundtrack. 🙂

    1. Hi and thanks! 🙂 Yeah, we liked Trapped too. Right now, we have a Belgian one … ˙The Break˚.

      That sleigh ride sounds like really something LOL

  6. HAHAHAHA!! Love the photo of McDuff…he is a ‘lounge lizard’ that one…
    I have found this Winter very uninspiring. Bein in chronic pain & flare-ups & then a Stomach Virus & now the actual Flu, I am exhausted.
    2017 does not feel any better than 2016 or 2015…..
    Oh no now I’m whining! Sorry about that….
    I too, adore Gillian Anderson; she is a great actress.
    Sending ❤ Love ❤ & (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & nose rubsss Dharth Henry xxxx

  7. Its nice to “hear ” from you again, I thought it was me in some way, I am rather absorbed in my doings. I hardly watch tv, I have never been a TV fan, maybe because it first showed up in my home ( as child ) when I was 12-14 I think. In Denmark we are often behind, and my mom was very much against it – so my dad bought a tv one of the times she visited her parents. Later, under my education I didnt have access to a tv and so on.
    McDuff is a beauty, and 12 years- its the same age as my Mads.
    Yes life goes on- the winter is soon over before it ever came. The small yellow flowers erantis ( google tells me that its the same name in English as in Danish) are popping up here, there and everywhere. Its pretty much earlier than usual.

    1. Hej 🙂
      Yeah, I easily get totally absorbed in stuff, I guess. We weren’t early at getting a TV-set, I don’t remember which year, but I know for sure we had one 1963. I was eight.
      Amazing you have flowers already in Denmark! We didn’t get any snow this Winter either. January is almost over, and I figure it’s a little late now. The little snow that did come down, melted as fast as it hit the ground.

  8. I love this pall-mall post, and I love to hear from you very much! First of all, I noticed how neatly you applied the new Libra 2 theme – a minor miracle that a new free theme was added to the theme showcase. Even though it’s a remake of an old theme.

    Your binge watching I totally get. I’m now pretty much binge watching Peaky Blinders. Trapped is next on my list. So is Homeland, though I don’t expect much from it. My absolute favourite now is the Vikings. Fierce.

    I have an entire collection of unflattering pictures of my cat. You pick the wrong angle and they look obese. It’s the winter fur they’re wearing now…

    1. Hey … thanks! 😀 I was just thinking about the missing, free themes the last night. They used to churn them out pretty much every second week! This Libre 2 is strange; the other day I got a horisontal scroll-bar without any reason at all. Secondly, the menu bar is supposed to stay put on top, when you scroll down. That function disappeared too. Now it’s back, and the scroll bar is gone?! Maybe they’re playing mind games with us LOL

      Trapped was good! We don’t have the Vikings (I don’t think).

      1. I’ve just seen the second episode of Trapped and it’s strangely immersive. I enjoy that a lot. Perhaps not so great as The Bridge, but very good anyway. A shame you don’t have the Vikings – it’s easy to make this kind of show over the top, but they did a good job on it and produced a high-quality and highly watchable show. Winter is the season for binge watching…

        1. Winter is definitely good for binge watching. Today it felt like spring here, it’s so weird.

          Trapped was good, but not the best I’ve seen. We had another series for some time, called Shetland. I LOVED that one. Hope it will come back. Then there was Broadchurch. Great series, both Brit. After Shetland, I almost felt a little embarrassed, as I realised I couldn’t have pin-pointed the Shetland Islands on a map before … I wasn’t aware of how close to Norway they are. When you get a chance, check and see whether you can get them.

          Last night I caught up with Homeland, and now I like it again LOL

          1. Thank you for the watching tips! I was able to find both Shetland and Broadchurch, so that should keep me busy for a while. Homeland I’ll probably start only when more episodes accumulate – it’s no binge watching when only a few episodes are available so far 😉

            1. Shetland is an almost ordinary ‘cop show’, but it’s something about the mood of it all, and the natural scenery. We’re just hoping it will come back with more episodes.

              Broadchurch is REALLY good. Surprising twists and turns … there are two seasons.

              1. I’m partial to bleak northern landscapes, so I think Shetland will suit me just fine. Really thanks for the tips, I sometimes find it difficult to find what to watch. I watch something everyday while I’m eating my meals…

                1. I would do that too, if I were single. Before, I always read newspapers while eating, but that was before the Internet came into our lives. Besides, the cat didn’t approve of my reading — she positioned herself all over the paper 🙂

                  1. Ha, we’re alike then 🙂 I used to read while eating before the internet, but now I watch TV series. My cat is ok with that, she hates when I’m on the phone or, god forbid, Skype. She goes all nuts and tries to climb on my computer.

                    1. McDuff actually gets confused too, when we’re on Skype. He would never bother with me watching anything on the iPad or so. But last night, I’d installed a magnifying app on the phone, and was trying to take a picture of a nib. It was much more difficult than one would imagine, so I was really focused on what I was trying to do. That, he couldn’t take! He was meowing, grabbing my arm with his paw … I’ve never seen anything like it LOL

    1. I am. It’s just that I chose one WordPress-ID for both blogs [this one, and the fountain pen blog], so I won’t have to log in and out all the time.

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