a step back

In my case, I think it was good to take a bit of a break from the Web. Not a real break — I have to go in and check my messages, like everybody else — but I haven’t just hung around like I used to. It got to a point where I almost found it … ‘boring’. This is coming from a true ‘web person’ who used to be excited about everything that was new on the Internet. On top of that; I’m never bored — I dislike that word, and I can watch paint dry.

The thing is perhaps that there’s less, new stuff on the Web nowadays. Maybe it has «stabilized»?! I remember the days of FriendFeed, where new and shiny things popped up almost every day, for us to try. Now we have Facebook. 99,9% of the people I know have a Facebook account and Gmail.

I remember when we were waiting for Gmail to be released … or Google’s new browser Chrome. Those were exciting times (for me … I’m in full understanding that not all people are like me, thankfully).

Facebook is convenient, I guess. Those times when there were three, four different messaging systems (ICQ, MSN, Yahoo … ) were annoying. Everyone I knew seemed to use a different one, so I ended up using all of them because I was trying to please them all, as usual.

For now, I have a more balanced approach. Some people might have accused me of being addicted to the Internet before, but these days … aren’t we all?! It’s become such an essential part of our daily lives so it’s getting increasingly difficult to be without it. It’s like ‘being addicted to food’. You can’t be without it. Everything in moderation.

The header image has nothing to do with this post. I’ve applied a new theme to Tassitus (which turned two years old yesterday!). Wanted to see whether the ‘featured image’ would appear as a header image and it did. I like that 🙂

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      1. I thought so. our ‘real lives’ have the tendency to be more important right?? Nice to chat with you again Rebekah! ❤️

  1. It’s a pleasure that you tune in once in a while, the more so when it’s not so frequent as it used to be. I see you applied the new theme, I thought WP stopped making free themes and jumped with joy when I saw this one released. Not that I’m too thrilled with that, but at least it’s new. I just saw some sneak peeks into Twenty Seventeen, not yet available on WP.com, and I’m not too thrilled either. But again, something new to play with 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next time when you feel like popping in here. You’re missed.

    1. Aww … thank you [about the ‘missed-part’] 🙂 I’m not too thrilled with it either, but it’s new. I can’t really remember the latest time I was thrilled with any theme. I know I have been, but it must be a long time ago. They [WordPress] have, what’s called JetPack, for the self-hosted blogs. That used to be free, but now they’re charging for it, outrageously. Only a small part of it is now free. Everyone wants to make a buck, and that’s fine too.

      I have yet to see the TwentySeventeen theme. The one they had for this year looked like some kind of condolence card until I realised I could change the background colour to white LOL.

      1. The last theme I was excited about was probably Nucleare or whatever the name was, about a year ago. Now it seems boring to me. I think I’m growing more demanding, but then, I’m a paying customer, right 😉

        I use Jetpack on a number of self-hosted sites I maintain for customers and I haven’t noticed any changes as to it becoming a paid plugin. I hope it’s not true. Would be a huge minus. I mean, you can’t do anything without Jetpack.

        Twenty sixteen looks a condolence card no matter what you do with it. Once you put in thick black lines, it’s bound to look like a condolence card. I don’t use the default themes anyway because every new blogger who doesn’t know yet what they’re doing uses them. I want something different 😉

        1. When I signed up for hernibs.com and subsequently installed JetPack, I only got the very basics for free. For the other parts, I’d had to pay through my nose …

          I liked 2015-theme a little, but for the same reasons as you stated, I hardly ever used it 😀

          1. That’s awesome. Not. I’m now working on another site and will install Jetpack shortly (it requires coordination with my hosting provider, which blocks access to the relevant files from abroad for security reasons, wtf, so I haven’t done it yet) and I’ll see what they’ll want me to pay for what. WordPress has been disappointing me a lot recently.

  2. And there was me thinking it was a post about fountain pens! Hand writing is satisfying with a good pen… try it next time you feel bored with the internet. I must admit I have been a lot happier since I stopped delving in Twitter – it can be such a dispiriting place.

    1. Hey … I made up a separate blog for the fountain pens. Didn’t want to go on and on about that here: http://hernibs.com

      Twitter was a lot of fun when it started, ten years ago, but it never really caught on with me, I must say. I do use it for news, though.

  3. I totally like your header image! It is so you Rebby!
    And I hear you about the pleasing everyone. I have our blog here & FB & I am keeping everything simple. Period.
    I think you & I share that philosophy…..
    I hope the Christmas card arrived safely; I did them quite early to avoid the rush….
    (((Hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & paw patsss Dharth Henry xxxx

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