that blogging feeling

I haven’t lost that «blogging feeling» in spite of what it might appear like. My posts have been sporadic, to say the least, considering I posted every day for more than two hundred days this year.

I’m not going to apologize for not posting — I see no reason to. I doubt anyone is sitting around, tapping their fingers, dying to read my next post 🙂 . There have been other, time consuming things on my mind, like handwriting and fountain pens. It’s quite amazing how two, such opposed things as your ‘analogue life’ and the online one can intertwine. You find new groups, communities of likeminded people … both in Instagram and Facebook.

Now … this morning … I made a brief attempt at catching up on my reading list here in WordPress. I felt the same way about that as I do about ‘not posting’; I doubt anyone is keeping tabs on me for not being around commenting. I’ve had enough feeling guilty about trivial stuff.

Got caught up in one, particular post … not only the post itself, but also the comments. One of the numerous, good things about the Internet, is it’s sort of comforting to find out you’re never alone … there are always hundreds, if not thousands, of people with the same ideas/issues/interests as you. Well … it can be bad too, when you think you’ve come up with a totally unique user-ID or something … only to find that it’s taken 🙂

This Saturday morning, we’re bracing for our first nor’easter … a winter storm. We still don’t know whether we’ll get it as snow or rain here in Saint John. Living right at the seaboard, we’re more likely to get rain, but you never can tell. The forecast is still uncertain.

14 thoughts on “that blogging feeling

  1. John

    Well I’ve noted your lack of posting but see you on my IG account once in a while. I’m in the same situation recently Rebekah. I just don’t want to post anything on either account yet feel like I need to get something up on the website so I post random thoughts.

    No reason to punish ourselves for this, it’s an avocation. Real life happens. I haven’t felt like getting out for new photos recently, that new Nikon has been in the bag recently but it’s OK. It’ll come back around. Stay warm up there, if it were me, I’d hope for rain, not snow. 🌴❤️

    1. Rebekah M

      Yeah, enough of the guilt! 🙂 I only seem to go into Instagram when I’ve posted something myself. For a while, I tried to keep up two accounts there: one for the fountain pen stuff, but I got so confused myself, so I merged them. Very few photos have been taken, as you can see there.

      I’m hoping for ❄️❄️❄️

  2. David Bennett

    I have had ‘no time’ for many things recently. It is because of the rise of the Right – everything else feels like a trivial diversion.

    I do actually miss your posts…

  3. Mara Eastern

    I like this kind of contemplative posts where one thought leads neatly to the next to often surprising ends. Now, I have to disappoint you, I have been actually sitting around, tapping my fingers and waiting for your next post, wondering what you’re up to. I see you’re up to analog pens and connecting with fellow pen lovers in the digital world. That’s funny, sort of.

    The digital world is a funny thing – how unexpectedly one finds connections and other people with the same/similar experience. It’s one thing knowing rationally that one is not alone with one’s problems and that other people deal with the same issues, and a completely different thing to see fellow bloggers coming forward and saying, hey, I have the same experience, and sharing it with you. It’s quite amazing.

    1. Rebekah M

      Heh @ tapping fingers 😀

      Yeah, it’s kind of contradictory … “handwriting + internet”, but that works. Lots of fun, actually.

      I’ve often been surprised finding out I’m not alone about an interest or an issue of some kind. When I started learning HTML back in 1997, I thought I was the only female who was interested in that stuff. Boy, was I ever wrong …

      1. Mara Eastern

        Now, back at that time, I would also expect you were perhaps not the only female but one of very few females interested in tech things. It’s funny how internet proves us wrong all the time.

  4. Joanne Sisco

    Hi Rebekah – we all seem to lose that bloggy feeling now and again. So many blogging friends have disappeared into the ether and I’m left wondering what happened to them.
    Nice to see you pop back in here (although I ‘see’ you on Instagram 🙂 )
    Good luck with your Nor’easter. The winter season of ugly weather has started.

    1. Rebekah M

      I’ll probably never disappear 🙂 It’s been up and down like this the whole time I’ve been at it, and that’s a long time.

      I was cheated of the nor’easter LOL it went out to sea …

  5. Nylabluesmum

    With respect I have been waiting for a new post from you for ages Rebby!!! I figured you were taking a break…
    I know you are enjoying your pens & ink also. I’ve been in a flare-up all last week & fell Saturday night. Such is Life!!
    And you know there are so many sweet & kind people who are ‘there’ for me; for Siddhartha Henry. I feel very blessed I can tell you.
    kiss McDuff from me!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & nose rubsss Dharth Henry xxx


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