Six years ago, I went to Fredericton — our province’s capital — visited the legislature building, amongst several other places. At that time, I had just purchased my life’s first DSLR camera, a Nikon D60. I came back with one photo I really liked; a spiral staircase.

I’ve often seen about that picture go by in my files, and as the years have gone by, I’ve thought about how I would have taken it differently today. A friend and I had planned a trip to Fredericton now, last week, to check out an art supply store that supposedly had started to carry fountain pens and inks. I suggested to her, that we visit the legislature building, because I still had that spiral staircase in mind.

dsc_0930It was a perfect day, weather-wise, for such an endeavour.

Not all that much autumn leaves left, after all that rainy and windy weather we’ve had, and we’re way past the peak season anyway, but it was still beautiful.

We were extremely lucky to get a parking spot right outside the legislature, we went through the security control, and already in the lobby I spotted the spiral staircase! What I’d forgotten over time, was that on the floor, in the centre under the stairs, was a small sculpture placed … some little guy, holding a lamp! I’d planned to — if necessary — lay down on my back and shoot straight up. Not a chance! This was a heavy sculpture, made of some metal and securely attached to the floor. Anyway, I got my picture 🙂


Not much different from my old one, but I still like that staircase. Took quite a few other pictures in there — here are a few more:

When we were about to leave, the friendly guard asked if we were going for lunch, and pointed us to restaurant we’d never had noticed otherwise. It was located in a small, brick building, which used to be the courthouse in old days. We had a scrumptious lunch before going to that store.

Their selection of fountain pens was ‘limited’, to say the least, but they were very nice there. I only bought some ink cartridges for the only reason it’s a limited edition and it’s sold out everywhere else.

39 thoughts on “re-take

    1. Rebekah M

      Thank you! 🙂

      Yeah, that was just a little side-line they had. The store must have been a dream for people that are into arts stuff.

      Closest pen-/stationery store is in Halifax, Nova Scotia! That’s four hours’ drive, one way 🙂

    1. Rebekah M

      Yeah … !!! 🙂 Would have loved that. We walked all the way up — as far as you’re allowed to — and tried to take it from up above, but that didn’t turn out well at all.

  1. Nylabluesmum

    Love the staircase photo! I think it is even clearer with this camera…then again I am NO expert!!!
    I am surprised you can find ANY proper pens at this point. people do not seem to know what a pen is….
    Do you know some children can only write their names & not very well. They no longer teach printing & writing in schools anymore!?!?!

    1. Rebekah M

      Most pens are online, but there are real stationery- and pen stores in larger cities. There are thousands of people around the fountain pen forums online, so that’s a lot of fun. I’ve heard that too … that the kids aren’t taught to write … especially not with a linked script. SO … I guess my writing would be like some kind of ‘code’ to them LOL

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Love these photos Bekah: the architectural details and fine finishes are wonderful; it’s such a grand building, hey? Especially admire the former gas lamps, oaken furniture, window trim and shutters; that incredible (Persian?) carpet… Would love to come and see it in person, some time. I adore how the details of old buildings speak of time and care for a job well done, meant to last for the ages…

    1. Rebekah M

      So true, and well worded. That carpet was really something! That shot is just a small segment of the huge room. One shot, I put the iPhone on the floor and shot straight up in the dome …

                  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

                    Hmm, my personal preference is for glassified(is that even a word?) cobalt… (As in, gone from its mineral to molten, then back to solid state in glass and glazes. ; )

                    1. Rebekah M

                      Yeah, I know. I was fooled by looking at a sample online. I shouldn’t have ordered a full bottle. I know better now … that you can start with a sample.

                    2. Rebekah M

                      Yes, certain paper is more absorbent. But looking online, you can never be sure — samples are good. They come in little vials.

                    3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

                      Yes, it’s a very difficult thing to get true colours… Both in actual, physical printing and online, as it’s difficult to ensure the exact same repetition between print runs, and, the fact that individual monitors definitely affect the colours you see.

                    1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

                      My mother still has a crystal ink well that we found buried in the backyard. Nothing wrong with it (it’s such a gorgeous brute, a solid cube of glass without a single blemish, other than the fact that the stopper was missing – and most likely broken):

                    2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

                      It’s a VERY old house and, back in those days, they used to use the old privy hole for garbage disposal before filling it in and digging another… I’m guessing, with the machinery that came in to regrade and install a proper septic and weeper system, that they uncovered at least part of a treasure trove of century-old waste; )

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