the things we “need” and a question

Autumn really arrived on the day it’s supposed to here. We were even under a frost advisory overnight, and it was 2ºC (35,6ºF) when I got up this morning. All of a sudden, the air is fresh and clean … easier to breathe. It’s a wonderful time.

As I was writing in my little notebook this morning, I felt inclined to make a smiley face after something I wrote. This, again, led me to question how I used to write before the Web came along. There weren’t any smilies back then, and I used to be an avid letter writer. The spell-check has made me lax when it comes to looking up words. I pride myself of being pretty good at spelling, but I have problems when it comes to knowing whether it’s one word or two. For example, meatballs or meat balls … weeknight or week night?! Now, these two, I do know but there are so many others. In my native tongue, they’re always put together, and this causes me to hesitate in English.

That’s just one effect of the Web. After the upgrade to iOS 10 on my iPhone, I felt as if it had become a little … slow, or tired. This could all be in my head, but still I wanted to clean it up … see if there weren’t any apps I could get rid of. I looked through the list, carefully … one by one, asking myself if I could delete it. “No way!”, was the answer … “I can’t be without that one!” Suddenly it struck me, three plus years ago, I didn’t have an iPhone at all and lived a perfectly good life. It’s the same thing as life before the camera. Before all that started, back in 2009, I didn’t have to worry about photos and storage.

If anyone here has a Mac computer: Don’t we get notified when it’s time to upgrade to the new macOS? I notice that the new Sierra is out, but I don’t have any notification about software update. I never upgrade before they tell me to, and now I’m feeling a little … uncertain!? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the little red 1 on the system icon before. Or, at least when I hit the button “Software update” it would show.


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  1. I just checked and the App Store is not telling me to update to Sierra. I haven’t updated because I want to check that all the apps I use work OK with Sierra. The big one is Photoshop CS6. I think it is OK – there’s a list here if you want to refer to it.

    As to why there is no prompt to update, I suspect there will be a prompt in a few days time. For now, Apple doesn’t want everyone straining its servers by updating now. That’s my guess.

    As for your main point about being tired – I know the feeling – jaded by too much exposure to it all. It’s a merry-go-round but we can step off for a while if we wish, which is nice to know 🙂

    1. Yes, I will wait for the prompt. My ‘Creative Cloud’ PhotoShop has had quite a few updates lately, so I think they’re okay.

      It’s good to know that one can always step away, just for a little bit, until it feels good again.

      I’ll remove DayOne from the iPhone. That’s a big culprit …

  2. I can understand the confusion about putting words together or not. i go by the rule of never writing them together in English, because they seldom are together…My students – and I guess the majority of all youngsters in Sweden – särskriver in Swedish now. Because they use so much English!

    1. When I don’t know, I use a hyphen. There’s a lot of hate in Sweden about “särskrivning”, but nobody seems to hate the influx of English words in daily speech. Shouldn’t they perhaps put a little more energy into that too?! Especially in the cases where there are perfectly adequate, Swedish words for whatever the thing is.

      I once found an article about “särskrivning”, I think it was in Wikipedia … I read about the history of it, and I think this phenomenon had occurred before … way back in time.

      1. True, it has. But much worse since the English invasion came with the Internet. And believe me, there is a constant battle going on. As a Swedish teacher of the Swedish language, I am very eager to preserve our language for the future. Loss of native tongue means loss of custums and understanding of our history. young people do not understand that. Some of our young think it better for Swedish to disappear and English being the overall language in the world. but they are young and do not understand the consequences – a development according to that would ruin all cultures.

        1. I know … one day they will understand. Then there’s also that weird aspect, that it’s somehow much “cooler” to say stuff in English. Sadly, I was a little part of that myself — I had to move out to get an eye opener!

  3. Very interesting thread here Rebekah. I hope your native tongue never goes away. English is a world wide language it seems and I’m happy to speak it fluently. I don’t find IOS 10 sluggish at all but I do miss certain features of the old OS. That will fall away in time. We are due for another update on our Mac’s. I check once in a while, I find it amazing that these machines don’t update every three hours like a Windows machine does – yay!!

    1. For the moment … I don’t think there’s a threat. English is a wonderful thing, that I’m immensely thankful to know. It enables us to communicate all over the planet!

      I notice a wee bit of sluggishness when I’ve just punched in the digits, to unlock. Other tiny little things too. We shall see what happens when I remove DayOne [my journal app] — that’s a huge memory hog.

  4. English is my native language and I still have problems knowing when to combine words or not. When in doubt, I toss in a hyphen … rightly or wrongly.
    I have noticed though that since I’ve been blogging, I tend to look up words with much more frequency. It’s funny how I’ve used words or expressions for years, and yet when I’m writing, I start to question whether I’m using it correctly. Every once in while I get a surprise because I haven’t been!

    I envy those of you who are multilingual. It’s like you have a gift that the rest of us who are unilingual never got!

    1. I tend to go for hyphen too … feels like a safe way to go 🙂 I too, am more careful with that type of stuff when blogging. Basically because I hate making a fool of myself, and that’s how I feel when I’ve made a mistake.

      About being multilingual … sure, that’s a thing I’m very grateful for. But I often think of kids growing up in a bilingual environment — what a gift! To become truly bilingual from childhood … !

    1. We all need something to drive us forward. Otherwise no progress would take place. In many people’s case that something is possessions.

  5. I relate to the spelling aspect of writing on PC now. We have almost a new language while online. Certainly 🙂 & 😦 & other Emoji’ss have given us a new visual way of communicating…..It is sort of an Internet ‘shorthand’……
    I use a few symbols & they color things up nicely 😉
    Make thing more expressive I think!
    Like ❤ you…..

    1. Yeah, I don’t mind the smilies at all.

      When I make a typo here, I get a squiggly red underscore. Then I right-click the word and correct it. This has made me lax … I notice that very much when I write in longhand.

  6. 🙂 Me neither Rebby!!! (hehehe)
    Same here about red underscore squiggle. I get a bazillion when I do Dharth Henry’s blog….so I too, have trouble writing properly….I end up writing in ‘kitty speak’ which is hilarious!!! 😉

  7. I never upgraded to El Capitan because so many people I knew said it completely messed up Lightroom. Called Adobe and Apple and both agreed that the OS and LR were not functioning properly together. At some point they fixed it but by then I was spooked so never upgraded. I am avoiding Sierra for the moment…my income depends on Adobe running properly. I will let others be the first adaptors.

    As for Meat Balls v Meatballs, weeknight etc. English has a very weak rule base! The great thing about English, although it makes it a real pain if it isn’t your native language, is that despite the best efforts of Strunk and White, the NY Times, The London Times, Oxford and Webster, the language is constantly changing and adapting. Once upon a time Shakespeare was credited with coining over 3000 words by Oxford. As more research has been done that has dropped to around 1700 and I expect it to keep dropping. But the salient point is that these words bubbled up from the masses and were popularized by the dramatists of the Elizabethan era, just as today, rappers and movie writers and novelists are listening to the street and taking new words and “creating” them into the language.

    Almost every dictionary I can find says “meatballs” but about 25% of the online recipes I just looked up say “meat balls” and a few say “meat-balls”. Which will “win”in the end? Who knows?

    I love it!

    1. I have CC2015 and it works like a breeze. I’d never heard about that so I wasn’t afraid to upgrade. I will go for Sierra too, once they suggest it to me. I don’t use it as much as I did before [CC2015], as I hardly take any pictures.

      I chose those examples, because those two words I was sure of … weeknights and meatballs. When I’m not sure, and don’t have access to the computer, I put in a hyphen. In my own language, they all come together in one word. Separating them could change the meaning of the sentence totally: “Rökfritt!” means NO SMOKING. “Rök fritt!” would mean SMOKE FREELY! LOL

      Swedish is becoming more of Swenglish, the influx is overwhelming and so many new words are accepted now, even since I left. That’s the beauty of languages … how they evolve.

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