colder weather

ColderWeather has been dormant for years, but I never gave up the blog title. Even though I’d started another blog I held onto the domain name. The user-ID in WordPress was taken, by someone who deleted their account.  Colder Weather, with Zac Brown Band is one of my favourite songs.

Now, that colder weather finally has arrived, I came to think about it.

Our summer was hot and miserable. I don’t like summer anymore. In my youth I could hardly wait for it to arrive. I would spend hours on the beach, getting a suntan. That was my major goal in life at that time. Don’t ask me why. Looking back now, with “different eyes”, I can’t believe I was that vain. Priorities are different these days.

When we thought it was over … the first week of September … we got a heatwave that was brutal — it got worse than it ever was all summer. The humidity stayed around 99% for almost two weeks and the temperature 28˚C. Breathing gets very heavy, not to mention all other parts of life. Slightest little movement and you break out a sweat. Shower doesn’t help, you never get dry.

Very few photos have been taken. I think the photography phase of my life is over. A few, random iPhone photos, but I never manage to get any good shots with the phone. It might be psychological — I don’t see the phone as a “real camera” (!). Also, I don’t think I put the same effort into taking iPhone photos.

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