once again a good reminder …

How dependent we are on power … and vulnerable!

After supper I downloaded the new iOS 10 [the new operative system for the iPhone]. I had a battery level of 89% when I started, so I didn’t bother with plugging it in. I’ve done this a number of times now, so I wasn’t worried. It all went swimmingly. After the download and installation my battery was down to about 70%.

Then the power went out! For the first time in our eight years here in Saint John, we had a power outage in this building. I was chatting with a friend on the iMessenger , when all of a sudden all went very quiet … the ventilation turned off. At first I didn’t know whether it was just our building or a larger portion of the area, but eventually I found out on Facebook that it was down in pretty much all of the city.

Went and checked out the power company’s website but they couldn’t give any time when power would be restored. By this time, my battery level was down to 65%.

Then I started to feel a little bit … uncomfortable. “What if this would drag on for hours?!” I don’t have a car charger! Eventually it struck me that the emergency power was on out in the corridor, and there are also electrical outlets. Grabbed my charger, plugged it in out there to see if it worked. It did, and I felt better. At the same time I felt sheepish, due to the fact I felt better for finding out I could charge in the corridor 🙂 How addicted can one get?!

img_3409This power outage occurred at 5 o’clock … just when most people finish work. All the traffic lights were out. I can only imagine the traffic situation downtown. We also had two cruise ships in the port, with about 8,000 passengers. This is what the webcam looked like just when it happened.

webcamThis is what it looks like right now 🙂 Either someone has a great sense of humour, or it’s just hanging here after losing power.

Anyway, after only one hour, our power was restored and we’re feeling happy. The wi-fi came right back. I worried a little about that — it has never been down since we got fibre optics two years ago, so I didn’t know whether we’d have to reboot the system and I don’t know anything about all those flickering boxes on the wall.

Well … just another exciting day 😀

13 Replies to “once again a good reminder …”

  1. I didn’t know of the OS update until you reminded me! I installed it on the iPhone and iPad. It’s OK but I had to search online to find out how to shut down the Location thing for every photo I take. Do not like that! The best part for me is the Texting and on Maps. Maps was already better than Google Maps. This makes it even more gooder!

    1. I have yet to check it out more thoroughly. The first thing I noticed was the sound [tapping sound], and the lock-screen … no more swipe to wake it up. Lots of news in the messages. Notifications look better too.

      Good that one can remove those stupid stock apps now …

      1. Heck yeah! That’s crap most of us will never want. I like the one tone being slightly different when you are hitting a Caps letter.

        I tried a different theme last night and it sucked. I got my money back and did some reworks to my usual theme which was also a purchased theme. O moved the menu to the very top of the page, added a matching 1 or 2 PX border to the bottom of the Header image them changed the Content corners from 8 PX to 5. Looks a bit cleaner…

        1. It looks good now! It’s a good thing it’s easy to get the money back. I’ve done that many times, but right now I’m out of the theme-changing-phase LOL … it’s as if it comes and goes in cycles.

          1. It does come and go, you are correct!! Just popped up on the TV, high wind advisory until Tuesday night. Not uncommon here, we are overdue for the next wind storm as they are called.

  2. Seems a lot of places have had power outages for no reason across Canada……kind of creepy in itself! I could see you in my mind’s eye looking for a outlet in the hallway to charge the phone….
    I kept Kevin’s old push button phone & when power goes out; it still works….And I have a battery operated radio also……
    And 2 flashlights….but not enough food or water for more than a week…..so if Armageddon happens it better be over in 7 days & 7 nights!!!

    1. It only lasted for an hour, so that was good. We have some interesting device … it was given to G. as a gift … you can crank it by hand if you don’t have any batteries, it’s a flash light, radio, charger with USB. It’s pretty nifty 🙂

      I always keep many water bottles at home — not for this purpose necessarily, but I like to have them here.

  3. It’s nice you have an emergency power outlet in the corridor! We have emergency lights in the corridor but no outlets. Fortunately, we don’t have blackouts too often and for too long. When I lived in a village some time ago, we would get blackouts anytime there was a storm. It was rather annoying.

    1. Same here! This was our first in eight years! They have to have outlets, otherwise she couldn’t vacuum there. I just didn’t know whether the emergency power came out of them, but now I know. Great stuff 🙂

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