dsc_0831My new Pelikan pen arrived today. In fact, two Pelikans landed. The more ‘high-end’ one wasn’t expected until the 22nd of September, from Germany. The cheap, plastic one, from New Jersey, I bought to tide me over until the other one arrived. Well … both arrived on the same day.

I was perfectly happy with the Lamy pen, I’ve written about before, but still wanted one, a little more exclusive, and not so plastic — a “pen for life”. Now I have that.

Before it was delivered, I kept reading articles about Pelikan and their nibs. That had me a little worried it would be too “wet” (meaning, it lets out a lot of ink), as they say. That’s an important issue to me, being a southpaw. There’s also the difference in width between European and American nibs. We don’t have any stationery-/pen store nearby, where I could try one out, so I really took my chances.

I couldn’t claw the parcel open quickly enough and try it. Filled it up with my blue Cross ink, and went at it in a Clairefontaine notebook. It wrote beautifully from the very first stroke. No worries there. I’m in love 💗

dsc_0821Just noticed that this week’s photo challenge from WordPress is “mirror”. As I was taking pictures of my new, Pelikan friend here, a few reflections presented themselves so this post is both about the pen and the photo challenge. A 2in1-post … very good.

18 Replies to “mirror”

    1. The black one in the picture … that’s “it”! What a wonderful writing instrument!

      The cheap one is alright, but nothing more than that. Pelikano, it’s called.

  1. Told you they make awesome nibs. 🙂 And I’m so glad you love it as well. And that definitely is a beautiful, beautiful pen. Now on to writing. 🙂 I’m, sadly, still waiting for my Pilot. Postal services and customs hate me… and my pen. Until then I’ll go write with my frosted Aquamarine one 😉 I hope your new friend for life will be a great addition to your collection, and that you’ll have tons of fun together. 🙂

    1. Yes! 🙂 I’m totally a Pelikan person now. The delight of picking it up in the mornings has increased these days I’ve had it. It’s as we’ve become more “accustomed” to each other 🙂

      1. I’ll demand the next letter be written with that one 😉
        I’ll probably chose my Aquamarine after all, since the other one’s still stuck in the mail. I swear, some days I’m tempted to just give up on it… such a hassle.
        I am of the impression that the pen picks up on how I hold my hand and… accustoms 🙂 So the more I write with mine, the better they get. Perhaps yours is doing that, too?

        1. You bet! 🙂

          Looking forward to seeing the Aquamarine ink.

          I think the nib actually does adjust … at least a little.

          We were talking about the inks, and it struck me afterwards … I don’t really know anything, because I’ve only used one ink this whole time [Cross ink]. I suspect it would be considered “wet”, but I don’t know for sure. I got one cartridge with Pelikan ink and I loved that. Diamine I can’t use.

          1. Yeah, Diamine is rather slow drying, I guess. As are some Noodler’s (never use Apache Sunset, not suitable for southpaws 😉 ). Others are rumored to be awesome 🙂 And I think I’ve seen the one or other really fast-drying Diamine, too, so it really depends on the ink itself. I haven’t tried Cross myself, though I’m rather in love with the Iroshizuku colors 🙂 They shade so beautifully.
            Aquamarine is… really good. At first I was sceptical with the shade of the ink, but it looks awesome filling whole pages. I’ve come to love it, and have two bottles here (one was with my pen 😉 ). I’ll have quite some fun with it I imagine.

            1. At that meeting I mentioned in my comment in your blog, I got to try Apache Sunset. Now I don’t know if it would have worked for me, because I only wrote two words [Apache Sunset LOL], I didn’t care for the colour. I mean … it’s a nice colour, but not one I would consider for myself. Also tried some Noodler’s that was a strange grey colour. It almost looked like a thick lead pencil had written. I now have one bottle of blue Pelikan ink and one Schaeffer on its way 🙂

              1. I do like grey on occasion, but not enough to buy a bottle of it. And Apache Sunset is a… highlight color, I guess 😉 If you really really want something special. I wrote a whole letter with it once to one of my penfriends – it’s a bit much… 😉 But I still love it for its shading and will take it out from time to time for the sheer fun factor

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