failed video review

Last night, I happened to come upon a video — a review of a fountain pen. It was a Lamy — the kind I have myself, so just for fun I decided to watch it.

FullSizeRender-3It was made by a woman and she was “un-boxing” the pen … you could see the nice little package they come in, those Lamy pens. She started talking a little, then showing how she took the pen out of the box and there she lost me right away.

Her fingernails were painted in some kind of honeydew colour, and not only that … the nail polish was worn off and not even applied in a nice way.

This totally took away my attention from the real subject. Something to think about perhaps … I’d rather see short, clean fingernails than badly manicured.

11 Replies to “failed video review”

  1. On that topic, I met a man once whose job it was to go around the InterContinental hotels in Europe and tell the management what to put right.

    It could be to paint a skirting board or move a stand that was badly located – anything that spoiled the upmarket appearance of the hotels. People who were working there just no longer saw the defects, to he stepped in with fresh eyes.

    By the way, I like the simple theme you are using now. What is it?

  2. Peeling nail polish is intolerable. Unless in teenage girls. I share your frustration 😮 I admit I sometimes have my nail polish chipped, but then I take care not to make YouTube videos. And not to go out among people for the matter.

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