iphone6plusI have an iPhone 6+. In a few days it will turn two years old.

The other day, I took a look at my storage space (it’s a 16GB phone), for no other reason than I was fiddling around with it. Besides, I would hate to get that message, when I take a picture, that I don’t have space to save it.

In any event, it was getting rather low. Not alarmingly, but still. I’d already been looking over my apps, and I only have the ones that I really use.

Remembered, reading in some technological page, they suggested you’d remove apps that take up a lot of space and re-install them. I don’t remember the explanation, but they seem to gather dust or something.

Thought “it can’t hurt”, so I removed Facebook, Flickr, Google and a few others I don’t remember right now, then I re-installed them all. Boy, did that ever make a difference! I now have 3.2 free GB.

Photos are of course always something to consider, and videos even more so. I need to look into my photos set-up.  I also had lots of photos that had been sent in the iMessage, so I cleaned them out.

As I’m not going to upgrade this year, it’s important I keep it lean and mean 🙂

15 Replies to “Storage”

      1. I see. Then you have to dump things, blah. Apple wants too much money for the higher capacity devices. It seems we are on the same frequency today.

      1. On your phone in Settings/Photos & Camera/ there is an option to either ‘optimise iPhone storage’ or ‘Download and Keep Originals’. I have mine set to Download and Keep Originals. I think if it is set to optimise iPhone storage then only thumbnails are kept on the phone and it frees up storage.

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