clouds moving in

We have a grand view from up here on the 9th floor and the building itself is situated on a hill. IMG_3303

It was a pretty ordinary day with sun and clouds, but just before sundown a different kind of clouds were moving in. The light outside changed to some weird, greenish colour, which I wasn’t able to capture. An hour later it looked like this:


I shot this video, which is rather pointless but at least you can hear the pouring rain. It was a soft and gentle rain … badly needed. Because I have the paid upgrade I can upload videos. One wonders what happens with them if I don’t renew next time?!

24 Replies to “clouds moving in”

  1. I believe the videos stay on the servers but you can’t access them until you pay up. I heard on a local Ham Radio repeater here that Michigan has some storms moving in. Maybe a part of the same large complex you are getting. Green means hail and tornadoes in Michigan. Nice video

    1. It was an amazing light for a while, that green … don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Then it turned intense, deep pink. Quite the evening, weather-wise. The air is nice in here tonight, which will make for a good quality sleep 🙂

    2. Hi John, right at the moment, that would more likely to be me, here on the north shore of Lake Ontario; )
      According to what I’m watching on the satellite photos, this latest weather system – that Michigan’s almost finished with, and we are currently under – might be reaching Rebekah on the East Coast any time.
      The weather here in Rebekah’s photos brought strings of small twisters, down-bursts and wild rain through, just a little north of here, a couple of days ago; )

                    1. One plant, and I’ve seen one flower … could have been more, I haven’t kept track of this 🙂 He put it there more as a ‘joke’ …

  2. Aww ❤ Do you take in lodgers 😉 ? An awesome view of an awesome city. I prefer it when it’s overcast, so I’d be very happy with this kind of weather. I have an alright view myself, but I don’t get to see so much sky. Some tenement roofs and trees are in the way.

    1. It was amazing weather there for a while. Tonight we’re going to get plenty of rain … it’s coming here, all the way from the Great Lakes 🙂

      1. Here the summer is officially over now – early this year – and we’ve been getting autumn-like temperatures these last few weeks. It’s weird, the summer felt to short. I kept on waiting for a real heat wave to come, but it wasn’t as bad as I remember from the last year. Last year this flat was horrible in summer, this year it was alright 🙂

  3. A “grand view” indeed. 🙂 You captured some beautiful images! I love (prefer) cloudy days. A lot of people think it’s peculiar. But there’s something about it that’s comforting for me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. When I was young, I was obsessed with getting a sun tan, so I hated cloudy days. Now I couldn’t care less about that, so I love the cloudy days … and the clouds themselves 🙂

  4. Ah hah our weather finally reached you!!! It was pretty wild here also>>green sky>> a precursor that a Tornado may be forming….thankfully none here or there.
    The video is great! And look at the sunset….like nothing happened before….
    What a wacky Summer it has been in Canada!!!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂

      1. I believe there were little tornadoes in NB…I know it is rare….
        There was a tornado somewhere in this end of province. Getting a bit too close for comfort!
        We had rain last night (Wed.) & it made things hotter…so more of that coming your way….

        1. I often think of all the people that live in those areas, that are hard hit with tornadoes … how they deal with it. They must somehow have come to terms with it …

          1. Many people move away & many stay & rebuild. I would be devastated to lose everything (my little amount of everything). Not that material things are that special. but the art, music, writing, books & photos are irreplaceable….

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