left handers day [226/365]

Today is International Left Handers Day, I found out by chance, in Twitter. Do we need a day?! Well … there are so many other days — Day of the Cinnamon Bun, and stuff like that, so why not.

I’ve never considered being left-handed a problem. They didn’t try to force me to write with my right hand in school, that had stopped a few years before I started. They suggested I could try and write with my right hand, but as that didn’t work, they never mentioned it again. Can’t remember now, whether I was the only one in my class or not. I think I was.

Kept reading for a bit in Twitter, what people had to say about being left-handed, and I noticed one recurring thing that I’ve experienced myself: People who’ve known you pretty much all your life, all of a sudden realise you’re left-handed! They’ve never noticed it, even though they know you well!

The only downsides of it has been not to be able to write with a fountain pen —  that’s over now, as you know if you’re following this blog — and not being able to use wire bound  notebooks … at least not the ordinary way. I’m somewhat ambidextrous so I use scissors with my right hand; no problem there. My handwriting was never beautiful, but it’s getting so much better now, since I started using the fountain pen, so I’m really pleased about that.

I’m happy with being a “south paw”, and I’m in good company … five of the last seven US presidents have been left-handed 😆.

It’s not about who’s right, it’s about who’s left 😀

25 Replies to “left handers day [226/365]”

  1. “… 5 out of 7 were left-handed”?
    So, which two weren’t as talented as the rest? lol!; )
    (After all, we are the only ones in our right mind; )
    Happy Lefties’ Day Rebekah!

      1. You could always stand on the other side of the ironing board. I hadn’t thought about ironing, but you’d probably move the iron in the opposite direction to what right-handers do.

  2. Both of my sons are left handed and so I appreciate the challenges of being a leftie in a right-handed world. Trying to teach them even simple things was always a bit trickier because they were using the opposite hand.
    And even though they are both adults now, I still cringe whenever I see them with a sharp knife in their left hand!

    1. If they were doing any sports, I guess there must have been several issues too.

      When I watch other left-handers write, I think it looks weird, even though I am one myself 🙂

  3. It’s not about who’s right, it’s about who’s left.

    A great quote! Almost makes me wish I were left-handed 😮 Which I am by birth, but was taught to be right-handed, like it or not. Left-handed people are said to be particularly creative, so there’s nothing to hate about it, despite the minor inconvenience, like being unable to write with a regular fountain pen.

      1. But you have some special ink that dries fast, don’t you? I was untaught to use my left hand so thoroughly that there’s no way to go back – but funnily, I still vividly remember how it felt when I was forced to use the hand that I wouldn’t naturally prefer. I wasn’t getting it at all, as a kid, why I shouldn’t use the hand which is more natural for me to use!

        1. At first, I was told about a certain ink, and I bought that. It was alright … it dried fast enough. Then, I came across Cross (!) inks … they don’t advertise themselves as being fast-drying but they are — more so than the first one, so … AND I like their blue colour a lot!

          I don’t think it was a good thing they did back then — forcing people to write with their non-preferred hand. I’m glad they’d stopped when I started school 1962.

              1. Haha, no, I was just being clumsy with words, I meant that it is shocking that even as late as in the 1980s, left-handed kids were forced to switch here. More sensible countries had abandoned the practice ages before that.

  4. Obviously where you were raised was more progressive & not so anal…
    I started out left handed & would have knuckles rapped daily til I learned to print/write with right hand.
    I can’t write properly with left hand now however I can use either hand for everything else. People actually think I AM left handed…..
    Something else we share in common! Very cool!!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. They used to force kids to write with right hand in my country too, but they’d stopped doing it the year before I started. I’m thankful for that. I don’t think they rapped them, though …

      Yes, that’s cool! 🙂 There aren’t all that many of us as one would think!

  5. You were lucky Rebby! They were still ‘rapping knuckles’ here in Canada 😦
    I know left handers are a small group…
    Technically, I am ambidextrous….

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