cat post [224/365]

DSC_7816.NEF(1)First we had Gerry’s son here, for four nights, then shortly afterwards, my friend arrived. She stayed for two weeks. I think that became too much for McDuff. Normally, he handles Kevin, the son, well, and he never stays longer than four nights. This time it was different.

I started noticing, that when Lena took a nap, he sat in the hallway, gazing into ‘her’ room. He sat there for a long time … like ten minutes or so. Then he started to go into some sort of hiding, in places he never frequents otherwise. He didn’t sleep, he just laid there and gazed at us — a kind of vitriolic gaze 🙂

Lena, my friend, took this a little personal — as if the cat didn’t like her, but I doubt it was that. Rather that he didn’t get his usual amount of attention. Now it’s been two days since she left, and he’s slowly getting back into some kind of normalcy — his usual routines.

My weather app told me we’d get thunder & lightning around 5PM tonight. However; our feline app didn’t show any signs of that and it turned out he was right: no thunderstorm for us. It’s extremely hot and muggy so a little bit of thunder might have cleared up the air but it was not to be.

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  1. I think the older our four legged friends get, the more they feel stressed due to change in routine, extra people around, etc. Kind of like us, eh?

    1. Yeah, and with the kind of life we lead, he really is used to routines — everything happens at the same time of day. And yes, about extra people 🙂

  2. I don’t blame your friend that she took McDuff’s caution towards her personally – I would too, though I know that it’s not to be taken personally when a poor cat’s routines get disrupted and he naturally gets upset. Cats seem to be so much into routines and so bad at handling changes. My cat is the same. On another note, great to see another photo of McDuff! He’s gorgeous. Very distinguished and elegant looking.

    1. Yeah, and I didn’t even know, how badly they handle change, with my first cat, Hadassah. She had to move apartment so many times!

      In this photo, I noticed, it looks like he has a beard LOL, but it’s his little, white bib that’s showing 🙂

      1. I noticed the beard/bib but didn’t think much of it until you mentioned it! He’s one handsome cat, bib or no bib. What breed was Hadassah? You may have mentioned before but I can’t remember. Different breeds probably also have different behaviour and responses – whether to change or anything else.

        1. Hadassah was a Persian Blue. They’re generally calm, cool and collected. Next one, Murphy, was a Sacred Birman. They’re pretty much the opposite. We were so lucky with McDuff … that he’s so timid. After Murphy, I didn’t have one potted plant left in the apartment and had to remove all little lamps ‘n stuff in the windows … his will-power was like nothing else.

          1. I like the “blue” cat breeds. So smart and stylish looking ❤ They say that even no-pure-breed domestic cats have different personalities based on their fur colour (!). I thought it nonsense, but my tabby cat behaves just as tabby cats are supposed to behave – cuddly, even clingy, but quiet and calm. Orange cats are supposed to be wild things. Also true, in my experience.

            1. Perhaps that’s true! McDuff is extremely calm and collected, but not cuddly. He can show affection … a little bit … and of course, only on his conditions. Hadassah too, had a great amount of dignity 🙂

              1. My cat is cuddly in a deceptive manner – she acts like she doesn’t care, but when I neglect to cuddle her often enough, she gets vaguely upset, nervous and naughty.

  3. Ah poor McDuff feeling a bit left out!!! He is so cute! Love the photo….I think having back to back company put his nose out of joint….
    Siddhartha Henry is more laid back. In fact, when Aunty Judith & Uncle Leon show up, he ignores me entirely…..
    And now he ignores me when ‘Mumma’ Mary-Ellen comes to visit. It is actually quite amusing because I get a bit jealous that someone else is getting the attention…
    I think Dharth Henry ‘has my number’ & knows how to get me to notice him…
    Whose a clever boy??? HAHAHA!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen 😉

    1. It took two full days for him to fully get back into his old routines … you know, with the time and all that. Now I get a firm paw on my arm when it’s time to go to bed LOL

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