upgrades [223/365]

Just noticed that WordPress now offers a third upgrade option, called “Personal”.

It’s very basic, but alright I guess, if you just want a domain name and to get rid of the ads. There’s also, what they call, “basic” customization, and it’s really basic. You can change colours and backgrounds and fonts … no CSS-editing here.

It’s probably a good move on their part, though, to offer one more option to the price of US$ 5,99 a month.

16 Replies to “upgrades [223/365]”

  1. Yes, I think the psychology of offering the Personal rate at a price that is not much less than the Premium plan makes the price of thePremium plan more attractive.

      1. Where did you find that? Buried deep in our Admin? I never go down there unless I have to pay for another year. Bones refers to a dollar. 😬

          1. Seriously? Well hell’s bells. I believe I have some money owed me. I just paid 100 bucks to keep my big upgrades. It’s called ProRation and I am going to contact WP for my refund. This makes me want to kill my website all together.

            1. I have the Premium, so that I can edit CSS if I want to, and there’s of course the space too. I have plenty of time to think about whether to renew my subscription, but I don’t think so.

  2. Thanks for the link, I wouldn’t have noticed! The personal plan isn’t particularly cheap. I’ll be rethinking renewing my premium plan, it’s not as much value as when I first got it – with fonts and colours now available on the free plan as well. I wonder if it’s the usual price in the USA – I get my self-hosted WordPress site with all the bells, domain and hosting included, for half the price than the premium WordPress-hosted plan. I naturally use a Czech provider.

    1. I have a reasonably cheap, North American host, but I don’t have the absolutely cheapest level of hosting … so in my case it’s more costly, but on the other hand, I can host as many domains as I want there …

      1. I don’t have the cheapest hosting available either, but a reasonably good one. 24/7 support, too. I occasionally chat with one guy on the night shift (I only work at nights), who is particularly nice 🙂

        1. GoDaddy is such a large company, so the chance of hitting the same one twice is minimal. They’re all nice. One time, I had to do the phone thing, but I really prefer the online chat.

          1. I never use the phone if I can avoid it. I prefer chat support. Or email support. Anything that doesn’t involve speaking to another person 😮 My hosting provider is also quite large, but it’s large in the context of my country, which is small. They have about a dozen support employees. It’s funny how I keep on hitting the same one. Maybe I’m allocated to him somehow 🙂

            1. I hate it too, which is amazing, considering I was such a “phone person” in my twenties/thirties! But then again, that was all there was back then. I truly loathe it, when I have to pick it up and speak to someone.

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