at the zoo [220/365]

We do have a little zoo here in Saint John — Cherry Brook Zoo, is the name of it. Since we didn’t have anything really planned for today, we decided to go.

I had not been there in six years, and now they’d added an extra layer of chain link fences, which probably is a good thing, but makes photography very difficult.

We did get a few, though. I was actually surprised to find out how nicely these two came out, considering the fences:

Zoos in general make me feel a little sad.

10 thoughts on “at the zoo [220/365]

  1. John

    The trick is getting the lens past the darn chain link. I feel bad and a bit sad for the animals too.Humans can’t truly tolerate captivity, I believe these animals feel the same way regardless of the fact that they lack our supposed intellectual superiority. Should they be abolished in Canada and the States?

    1. Rebekah M

      I thought I’d almost mastered the art of taking photos through fences, but with double, it was impossible. These two were just pure luck.

      I don’t think that’s going to happen … ever, about abolishing. But I get so sad, looking into these serious eyes — also because these species are almost extinct …

  2. Nylabluesmum

    Excellent photos Rebby! You always show the best of your subjects.
    I too, am ambivalent about Zoos’. Some Zoos’ are lovely & more like natural habitats just enclosed for the animals & they are happy where they are. And some Zoos’ are just awful….
    Zoos’ are good for preserving different species as long as the animals are taken care of & have room to move around.
    I think Zoos’ are started with good intentions…..I want to believe that!


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