another clam chowder [219/365]

Sunday, and I took my friend to St. Martins … to show the caves and introduce her to clam chowder. That was an instant hit, and she’s now a huge fan.

Since we were in the area, we also went to Quaco Lighthouse and took some picture. The day was a bit on the breezy side, and overcast, which was a relief.

7 Replies to “another clam chowder [219/365]”

    1. It’s a thick soup … almost like a stew. It’s made with evaporated milk, selleri, potatoes. Clams, obviously, but you can also put in shrimp and salmon, scallops … whatever and call it ‘seafood chowder’ 🙂

    1. Lena will be going back today, but I think those two things made a great impression LOL She likes to cook, so I’m pretty sure she’ll try to make it herself 🙂

      1. Your friend has the same name as my laptop. Funny fact 😉 Anyway, it looks like the visit was a huge success. It was a pleasure to get glimpses of it through your blog!

        1. She should have a Lenovo, but I think she wants a Mac 😀
          Yes, the visit was a success, and she really appreciated seeing ‘ordinary life’, instead of just touristy stuff.

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