a full day at the mall [218/365]

Saturday, and we went back to the mall on the east side of Saint John. We did a very full walk-around — I’ve never been through all the stores this thorough ever 🙂 I did end up buying a few items — two tops, and a few earrings.

Actually, I felt exhausted after all the walking on the hard tile floors for that many hours. In the end, my friend wanted back to Walmart! She’s grown to love Walmart (!) — they don’t have it in Sweden 😀.

There were talks, a few years ago, about them opening a store there — actually not too far from my hometown — but it never happened.

12 Replies to “a full day at the mall [218/365]”

    1. In many ways, I’m with her too — it’s so damned convenient, they have such a variety of stuff. And nowadays, our Walmart is a full-blown grocery store too.

  1. Wal-Mart here is awful. Bathrooms smell; cashiers short tempered; other staff rude; store is dirty….
    I have only been in there once this year. I miss Hudson’s Bay; Zellers; Simpson-Sears; Eaton’s…..real stores!! And where di the décor stores disappear to???
    Funny how we differ in what we like when shopping…
    And why doesn’t my area have a “Toys R Us” store??? WAH!!!
    And IKEA>>>I ADORE Ikea!!!

    1. I think she liked Walmart because there’s no corresponding type of store there. Our Walmart here is alright, BUT they should have expanded the building when they turned it into a super-centre … the aisles are rather narrow.

      Hudson’s Bay was my favourite store when we lived in QC. When we moved here, we had Zeller’s almost as a neighbour … perhaps five minutes’ walk! Boy, was that ever convenient. I miss that. SEAR’s is still there, out in the mall, question is; for how long?

      1. Our Wal-Mart needs more space. They were supposed to become a superstore but City Council would not allow it, so they had to downsize certain goods to make space for fruit/veg/meat/dairy etc. to fit in.
        Same here about Sears….
        And I worked @ Zeller’s as a teenager so had a loyalty to it>>loved their range of merchandise….

        1. Here, they had space to expand. Don’t know what the reasoning was behind it. They opened a second Walmart on the west side, where Zeller’s used to be, but that’s not a super centre.

          1. HUH! Back in the day we had a Zeller’s on our West Side & one on East Side in the Mall. They both did a pretty good business. I loved shopping there as I could get anything I needed & there was a Pharmacy & IGA (Foodland) was right next door. Miss those days!

            1. I think they had three Zeller’s here — the one closest to us was in North End, but everything shuts down there … even the convenience store. It’s sad. Luckily Sobeys is still there, and the drugstore.

  2. It is sad all our stores shut down. I dislike the quality (or lack thereof) of clothing Wal-Mart sells. I like my clothes to last longer than 5 minutes. Wow even the Convenience store shut down? That is sad.
    Sobey’s is a part of Foodland IGA I believe. I prefer that chain to all the others.
    I found out that Rexall/Pharma Plus was sole to the (A&P) Metro/Food Basics company.
    Loblaw who has Zehr’s & No-Frills here bought Shopper’s Drug Mart.

    1. North end here is a sad story.

      I know that our other grocery store; Atlantic Superstore, is Loblaw’s, and that they bought Shoppers, which is the one we have here. Sobeys … I think is just Sobeys LOL.

      In QC we had IGA, Maxi and a number of other, different ones.

      1. You know in most big places the East & North ends are always the run down or Industrial areas??Weird huh??? Our North sides (West & East) are both lovely….but then we are a small place.
        It gets confusing trying to figure out who bought out who doesn’t it??? 😉

        1. Here, I’d say north and south are run down. In Stockholm, Sweden, east is the oldest, poshest area you could live in. South used to be a bit run down, but now it’s become extremely trendy and ‘cool’ 🙂

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