hampton [217/365]

hampton_bridgeToday, we decided to take a hike up to Hampton … a cute little town, about an hour’s drive from here, or perhaps less.

It’s situated on the Kennebecasis River. The weather was quite lovely, but as we got farther inland it got hotter and more humid. We stopped by a combined country store/nursery and moseyed around there for a while … looked at all the flowers.

We took the old road back to Saint John, and stopped for pizza in Rothesay. There’s a pizzeria there, Pomodori, that’s very well spoken of, and they’ve even received various awards for their pizzas. I’ve been wanting to go there for quite some time, but never gotten around to it until now.

It was located in a strip mall, and the interior design was the most unassuming I’ve ever seen, with white plastic tables, and red, likewise plastic chairs.

I’m not the right person to judge North American pizza, because I’m still — after twelve years (!) biased towards Swedish pizza. Not saying I dislike pizzas here … it’s just that I long for the ones back home, and that’s usually one of the first things I eat when I go back there. We talked about it afterwards, my friend and I … tried to pin-point what it is that is different. We couldn’t figure it out … could be something about different tomato sauce or cheese, as all the other stuff is the same.

Either way, the pizza was alright … it was good, even. My friend found it very good!


It was a great, little outing all in all. My friend  got to see a different part — Rothesay and Renforth, which are old, rather affluent communities with stately homes.

25 thoughts on “hampton [217/365]

  1. Having grown up with Montreal Pizza which , you know, is the best in the world. hee hee. I’m quite enjoying the pizza here. It is very different with a thin crust and fresh spices, mostly oregano, and I really, really like it. I’m quite surprised

    1. Well then … I have to have a Montreal Pizza some time 🙂

      I like my pizza with a thin crust, and oregano is a must, so your pizza there sounds promising!

  2. I would agree with Joss about the pizza in eastern Québec. The pepperoni and cheese are simply amazing; that and the little ball of dough to keep the cheese and the lid separate: )

  3. Lovely scenery…it sounds like you are feeling better Rebby? I sure hope so!!
    What kind of toppings does Pizza have back home?? I am very curious….
    I am VERY particular about toppings…almost fanatical!!!
    All for the Love of Pizza…..hahahaa…
    Sherri-Ellen (now I’m hungry!)

    1. Oh, they have pretty much the same selection as here … except perhaps that more of them have mushrooms on them. There are pizzas with shrimp, tuna … all the usual stuff, like ham, probably peperoni also, like here. It’s the ‘basic’ taste that’s different — got to be either the cheese of the tomato sauce.

      I’m a little better — it certainly isn’t like the first, two days, but far from alright.

      1. Well I learned about your Pizza…I thought there’d be some fancy items we do not have here. I can see thee cheese being different there. And even the tomato sauce.
        Do you like Anchovies? I love them. I am not popular at Pizza ordering time, hahahaha!
        I hope you feel a bit better today! Being sick with company is NO fun!!!!

  4. Awe, a bridge! Reminds me of The Bridge and how it’s one of the best series I’ve ever watched. By further free association, you mentioned how the Homeland series gets even better after Brodie leaves – well, I wasn’t too thrilled with the first two or three series, but now I love the turn it took. I’m glad you made me stick with it.

    Did your pizza come with milk as per usual 😉 ? Do pizza places serve milk?

    1. At first, I wasn’t all that thrilled with Homeland either, but it just kept getting better 🙂 No milk … just water. They’ve written so much about this place in the papers here, so I expected something entirely different — this was like a simple diner.

      1. I’m now in mid-season five of Homeland and it’s getting quite convoluted, I preferred the previous season I think. Still, it’s alright to watch 🙂

        It’s often the case that one gets disappointed when one hears too many good things about something and expects too much… And they don’t even have milk! 😉

          1. I have one last episode of season five to go, and I quite liked the Quinn part of the story. It’s alright, though I enjoyed season four more.

              1. House of Cards! I used to watch this, but then I somehow got lost. It always happens when there’s a gap between the ending of one series and the beginning of a new one. I completely forget what it was all about and lose interest. Now I’m watching Mr Robot. Not the best thing ever, but there’s tech talk, which I enjoy 😉

                1. When House of Cards comes back, we need to watch, at least, the last episode of the previous season. We’ve done the mistake before, of finding ourselves totally lost, because we don’t remember how it was … However, nothing beats reality …

                  1. I might rewatch House of Cards so I could start watching the new series. I remember I liked it lot to start with – before I got too lost and had no clue who the characters even were.

                    1. Yes, I think it’s the type of series where you have to stay really focused on the characters … Thinking about it now, I remember pretty well.

                    2. Before moving to some intellectual stimulation (House of Cards), I started watching The Outlander. It’s horrible but it’s set in Scotland,which is a redeeming quality 🙂

                    3. The Outlander is horrible. But I can’t resist Scottish accents. So awesome. Harsh and melodious at the same time. So I watch that crap.

  5. Seem like you and your friend are having a great time together!!! 🙂 As usual I love all your photos!!

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