lighthouse [216/365]

Today, we were meaning to do the Fundy Trail Parkway, but those cold pills wouldn’t work the same way they did yesterday. Nothing happened, even though I took two! So instead, we opted for a much shorter tour, and for that I was immensely thankful — I just wanted to go to bed.
We went out to Cape Spencer to experience the peace and stillness out there.

IMG_3227My favourite flower, the Mallow was in full bloom. They are remnants of the light-keeper’s garden out there.

There are many other flowers too, like various lilies.


30 Replies to “lighthouse [216/365]”

      1. Well, Ribena was a Black Elderberry syrup, and formerly what people used for colds (I thought it originated near your homeland, but perhaps not) anyway, it’s not available here anymore… ):):
        But you should be able to find Sambucol (named for Sambucus nigra, the botanical name for black currant) at your local health food store.

      1. I’ve discovered that cold medications only work for me once in a while, but when I attempt to use them regularly anytime I get a cold, they don’t work anymore. Most of my colds are due to allergy anyway, and for that I have different meds, which work. Though it took years to figure out which allergy meds will do the trick.

        1. Now, after this experience I don’t know what to think about cold medications. I guess the only thing they do is help you get through the day. If I’d had to work the second day, they would have been totally pointless.

          1. Hopefully your persistent cold is better now and you’re returning to your usual routine, now that your friend left. It was great to follow what you had been up to together though!

            1. The cough is really bad. In this mugginess nothing can heal. We’ll see what happens — I might have to see someone in the long run.

              I look at the numbers (223) in the blog, and decided I just can’t quit now … it’s too far gone LOL

              1. Aw, 223 posts already and counting! That’s quite an achievement. I’m now reconciled with my giving up / prolonging the project, though I also at first thought it was a shame not to go on with it as planned. Now I’m thinking, whatever, it’s not like anything important depends on it!

                  1. It’s not absolutely important, but it’s relatively important, so to say 🙂 I very much like your project, and I’m unhappy that I’m not managing to follow you as diligently as I used to. I need to carve out more time for this, at least following other bloggers, if not blogging much myself. It’s great for my mental health. For some reasons.

                    1. You have a lot of work now? That’s a good thing … better than blogging, I guess shrug I’ve more or less given up now.

                      Morning pages are good for my mental health, I think.

                    2. Yep, loads of work. Sadly, it’s either poorly paid or unpaid – you know, that kind of thing like when you’re working on your own website to promote your services. Hopefully it will pay off in the long run. I’m finding a 14 to 16-hour working day is all nice, but not really sustainable in the long run. Bad for mental health. So I’l be back to blogging sooner or later for sure 🙂

                    3. That last sentence sounds promising. Everything in moderation [and that’s my biggest problem … never learnt to manage that].

                    4. This is funny, I learned the phrase “to get the whole hog” only recently. Before that I wouldn’t have known why you’re talking about hogs 😉

  1. Is this part of the Fundy Trail and traverses the bay when the tide is out. Seeing the tides in the Bay of Fundy is on my list of places to visit one day.
    Too bad your tour was cut short. A summer cold feels so much more miserable than in the winter!

    1. No, this is not part of Fundy Trail — that has yet to come 🙂 The tides are impressive — especially when you know what to expect and have time to spend on it.

  2. Cape Spencer looks lovely Rebby! I am sorry you are under the weather…
    We are in worst heat this season so that will be coming your way this weekend…..UGH!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

    1. It’s a lovely place … serene!

      I’m a little better today, but summer colds tend to hang on more than regular ones … especially, I think, since it’s so muggy.

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