uptown [215/365]

It was my birthday, and rarely have I been this sick from a common cold! In earnest, a birthday to remember. My friend suggested I’d stay at home and rest, before we went out for dinner, while she went uptown to take more photos. She took off, and I took two of those cold medication pills that seem to be so popular here in North America. I’d never really tried them before, but I felt so bad I thought “it can’t hurt”. Well … it certainly didn’t [hurt]. I became all perked up — much more so than my usual self! It was almost unbelievable. So I called her up, and we decided to meet at Starbucks uptown. It was the hottest day so far. We roamed around the uptown area and took random photos.

FullSizeRender 25After supper at Vito’s, we took a walk along the beach and talked about old times. The saline air felt good on my airways.

9 thoughts on “uptown [215/365]

  1. Nylabluesmum

    Happy Birthday Rebby my dear friend!!!!
    I am so sorry you have a Summer cold; they are no fun at all….
    Pace yourself & get well soon.
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen & nose kissesss Dharth Henry xxxx


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