fishing villages [213/365]


We did the tour of all those little fishing villages, with my friend today. She got to see one, of all the numerous, covered bridges in New Brunswick, amongst many other things. Many of the wildflowers we see are the same as back home in Sweden … most of the trees too.

IMG_3176We visited the Lepreau Falls — not much water there this time of year, but still … it’s a waterfall 🙂



13 Replies to “fishing villages [213/365]”

  1. Lovely day to view wonderful scenery: )
    Glad you caught the people in your Falls shot; gave the perspective I was wondering about: ) D’you have any idea about the identity of your very pretty pink flower cluster?

  2. Fishing villages! I’d love more photos… And I’m getting slightly envious of your friend, who’s getting what looks like a great tour of your city 😉

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