surrounding areas [211/365]


In an attempt to keep up this post-a-day project, there will be the occasional post with just one or a few images.

Today, we’ve been driving around the surrounding areas of Saint John, to give my friend a better idea of the geographical layout of the place. My husband, who is, of course, very knowledgeable of Saint John, since he was born here, drove us around. He added ‘colour’ to the history, with many, funny anecdotes.

We finished off with a fish ‘n chips at AJ’s diner, which we’ve always had a liking for.

This picture is of Harbour View Highschool, which I took with the phone.

6 thoughts on “surrounding areas [211/365]

  1. Mara Eastern

    That’s a good way to go about it – a picture a day perfectly qualifies as post a day 😉 I’m currently not up to even a picture a day, and I’ve pretty much concluded that my 365 project will conclude when it will – so not after 365 consecutive days.


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