little tree [210/365]


This little tree I’ve been wanting to take a picture of for a long time, but never gotten around to … until tonight! It’s in Riverview Memorial Park, here in Saint John. Normally we drive by there, but tonight my friend and I took a walk all the way from here to the Reversing Falls.

She arrived the night before yesterday, around midnight. Of course, she was a bit tired the day after, so we made a soft start with a visit to Walmart. Today we did the uptown area.

It’s great fun to have one’s best friend visiting … we’re chatting away like magpies 🙂

7 thoughts on “little tree [210/365]

  1. Nice photo, I can’t pull up the name of it though. My mother loved these trees. Glad your friend visit is going good. ❤️

  2. I am so happy your BFF is there with you! I was so happy when Judith was back for the 3 weeks. But with yard sale & cleaning & getting things ready for house to go on the Market we did not have enough visiting time…
    Have no idea when I shall see her again…
    Oh & she has the same tree on her front lawn! Kind of cool yes?

  3. Great photo as usual! And I am so glad to hear you and your friend had ( since I am a bit behind lol ) a great time! 🙂

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