Quote for Cats [208/365]

cat_animatedWhen in doubt; Wash!

Now when it’s this hot, muggy and miserable in general, we suffer … and so does our cat.

Most of the time, he’s stretched out on the floor, near the fan, like a big piece of fur.

We can help ourselves to the shower, or to just put our heads underneath the cold water tap, but he needs assistance. As often as possible, I wipe him down, thoroughly, with a wet microfibre cloth. Normally, he’d protest so badly against this kind of treatment, but now he doesn’t fight it at all.

After these treatments, he seems to realise that his fur is wet … or at least somewhat damp, so then the big wash ensues. He drinks water properly, I keep track of that. This morning, we’re experiencing a bit of relief, and he’s alright … his usual self.

Tonight, my friend from Sweden will arrive … around midnight. That will be so much fun, and my postaday-project will probably be a little different. I think posts will come in spurts at times. That’s not world shattering news, and I’m the one who cares the most about it.

17 thoughts on “Quote for Cats [208/365]

  1. Om du tycker att han dricker för lite så prova att lägga några isbitar i lite större skål, brukar vara roligt att leka med och slicka på isen.

  2. This is an interesting post for me cat-wise, I was often wondering how my cat copes with the heat, but she seems entirely unaffected. Sure, she lies around stretched out, but she does the same thing in winter. She does drink more when it’s hot though, and she’s apparently smart enough to know to drink more.

    Enjoy your friends’ visit! Seriously. Though I for one care about your posts, it’s a nice part of my routine to know that every day, you’ll have a post here 🙂 I’ve been neglecting my own project these days, thinking of quitting, not really wanting to quit but not finding the time to produce the posts, so I’m just letting it develop as it will.

    1. It’s good that she’s smart enough to drink properly. I think McDuff is too, from what I can see.

      Honestly; I’ve been thinking about quitting too, but then there’s this little voice inside my head piping up; “NO!!! you’ve come this far!” I don’t know — we’ll see. Normally I do have time, my friend is staying for two weeks.

  3. Theo is an outdoor cat and I find it very peculiar that on hot, humid summer days, he actually prefers to be outside rather than indoors with the AC.
    I’ve discovered he has several spots outside that he moves to throughout the day. Each of them are buried deep into shrubbery where he’s in a deeply shaded area and I’m guessing the ground feels cool. I keep a water bowl outside for him in the shade and refill it throughout the day.

    Hope you enjoy your company. Catching up with long time friends is wonderful!

      1. The winters are so long, I don’t blame him for wanting to squeeze out every possible minute outside.
        I think you’re right about the AC – it probably strips all the scents out of the air, while outdoors is full of smells and sounds to stimulate his hunter instinct.

  4. I used to do that with Mingflower remember?
    Nylablue would not tolerate that at all. She would lie in the pantry on the floor.
    Dharth Henry is not a fan of the cloth either so he lies in front of the fan or sprawls in the bedroom closet; cold & dark 😉

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