Update on Morning Pages [206/365]

For more than a month, I’ve been doing this “exercise” of writing three pages in longhand every morning.

Even though I never go back in time and read, it has meant [and means] a lot of good stuff on a personal level. I never thought I’d hear myself say this; but it has changed things for me. Normally, I wouldn’t really believe that putting pen to paper would make a difference to putting fingers to keyboard, even though a lot of research has been done on this. It does, for me.

This might get a little personal, but I’ve always been prone to dwelling on old [bad] stuff. All of a sudden I could come to think about something that happened ten, twelve years ago, get upset over it again, and the feeling wouldn’t leave me. It would sit in my gut like a big, ugly knot for days. This has actually happened during this month. I wrote about it in the Morning Pages … in three pages I spilled out every detail of it, and examined it. It’s gone! It was such a sense of relief … it was freeing, to realise I will not dwell on that thing again.

I don’t feel in any way committed to doing this. This is something I want to do now, I look forward to it as soon as I get up. While I have the very first sips of coffee, I squiggle my pen and think for a bit … then I’m at it. In one of my earlier posts, I think I said in a comment “it’s like yoga in writing”, and it still feels that way — even though I don’t know what yoga feels like, I can only imagine.

FullSizeRender 19I’ve almost filled up my first Clairefontaine notebook (called Unplugged 🙂), but I have another one in store. This whole handwriting/fountain pen/notebook thing, really came together in a nice way for me.

Today is our second wedding anniversary … even though we’ve been together for twelve years. As I’ve said so many times before; time does indeed fly! We’ll probably go out and have dinner somewhere … in some nice, air-conditioned place 😉.

29 thoughts on “Update on Morning Pages [206/365]

  1. Aw, enjoy your anniversary, that’s a great occasion!

    So, it does have therapeutic effect? Hm. I mostly use the “ignore” method when dealing with some unpleasant past events. That usually reduces to me telling myself that it didn’t happen. Of course I know it happened, but so far I don’t remember that poring over something in the past would be any helpful for me. I might try writing at some point, but I’m not keen on self-analysis. I guess everyone is wired differently and what works for you isn’t a universal recipe. You did win my attention though with your method.

    1. Yes, we’re wired differently, and you’re lucky. I don’t normally try to analyze myself, but this thing (the dwelling part), is something I really want to rid myself of. I waste energy on something the other person isn’t even aware of = I’m the only one suffering.

  2. Wow, these are both momentous – I can’t believe it’s been two years already, happy anniversary! And, when you first mentioned doing this, I remembered having read about something similar; that writing stuff down (things that are hurtful or traumatic) and not necessarily with any intent of ever reading it again, helped exorcise it from your psyche… SO marvellous to hear firsthand that it does work. Did you read about it somewhere?

    1. Thank you. Writing “Morning Pages” has become quite popular. There’s lots to read about it online. You just write what’s on top of your mind, right then and there — doesn’t have to be traumatic or anything. It wasn’t traumatic for me, the thing I mentioned … just something nagging.

        1. I have seen stuff like that too. The Morning Pages, though … the general idea is to get rid of all the fluff, and make room for more creative thoughts.

      1. You have a lot of background that you could use to weave a story with. You should think about it. Meanwhile, if you’re a consumer of novels, have you read my novel, The Wind Weeps? It’s free on Kindle and on Smashwords.com

        1. I have looked at it, but not started yet. Right now, I’m in a period of reading a whole series of Swedish crime novels 🙂 I can borrow eBooks from the library back home, so I read them on the iPhone.

  3. There is something about pen on paper. Good pen, good paper, somehow says I matter, my words matter.
    I agree with Deb, colour composition of photo is very nice and nice sense of balance as well.
    Happy Anniversary to you two. It’s fun to celebrate

    1. Thank you 🙂 … and yes, now that I’ve taken a closer look at that picture; the colours actually are nice together. I have some green table cloth on that side table. 30ºC today, in SJ and muggy. Oh joy!

  4. What a good thing that you benefit so much from writing. Using a pen makes you more focused and more able to gather your thoughts I imagine. Using a keyboard is too fast.

    Happy anniversary, I hope you found a cool place. 🙂

  5. I think your analogy about Morning Pages being like yoga in writing is spot on. They’re all just different forms of meditation that allow your brain some space to do whatever it needs to do. In some ways the writing seems almost better as it allows some physical manifestation of getting the feelings out. A clearing out of mental space. Either way, it’s awesome that it’s working so well for you – and rather inspiring!

    Hope you guys had a great anniversary! 🙂

    1. That’s all so true. I’m happy to have found out about them, and that it happened to coincide with my newly awakened interest for fountain pens and all that stuff! This is something I truly enjoy doing, and I think it’s good for me too.

      We had a nice and quiet anniversary. Good dinner out … 🙂

  6. Writing with pen & paper is “Yoga for the Brain’…..
    I have written for years & it helps me to purge all the negativity I store up. I might have another go at this as the past 2 weeks were emotionally brutal for me…..& I am still very upset about things.
    Time to dig out the Diary!!
    On a cheerier note: Happy 2nd Anniversary! Where did the time go is right???
    glad you had such a lovely day!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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