pillows [205/365]

The hotter and muggier it gets, the harder it also gets to dream up a topic for this little blogging challenge of mine. It’s “just” 28ºC but the humidity is 75%. That helps the mugginess. I notice how I seem to think slower and I make more typos than usual.

One would think, on a hot Saturday, like today, that people would be out on the beaches or summer camps …  that Costco’s car park would be more or less vacant … but no, they all went there. Perhaps they wanted to spend some time in their dairy room.

IMG_3136_We_ went there because I wanted to buy new bed pillows. Pillows are like pens or handbags — I’m always on the lookout for the ultimate one. I don’t like those that are made of, so called, “memory foam”. I don’t like firm ones either. They should be malleable so I can shape them exactly the way I want, underneath my neck. I don’t care at all about brands or stuff like that — only the ‘consistency’.

The other day, when I went out there with Gerry’s son, who has been visiting, to buy raspberries, I happened to lay eyes on a huge pile of pillows there. I squeezed them and found them to be acceptable … in fact they were not only that; they were desirable. We had some kind of coupon with forty bucks on it, so today we went out and spent that — it was due the last day of July.

23 Replies to “pillows [205/365]”

        1. Naaahh … I love winter and snow. When it’s cold, you can dress accordingly … but with this?! People survive with the help of a/c and pools, I guess.

          1. I am done with Summer…it is so hot & humid here I can’t go out at all before 4-5 pm or else I have Bronchial Asthma attacks!!! Not a lot of fun!
            As for pillow; they have to be just right for me also. I have a stiff cervical pillow which I use for naps. Then I have a (very old) but wonderful Obus Forme pillow I use at night time. I also bought a longer pillow for back support….With vertebrae issues the pillows I use are super important….. And I like comfort also!

            1. Oh, I’m so done with Summer! But that apparently doesn’t go both ways … not by a long shot!

              I’m surprisingly happy with these ones!

              1. Same here Rebby! Weather Channel said ‘so much cooler’……well they are full of cr*p!!! It is 25 Celsius with Humidex of 29 C & it is still very hot!!
                Tomorrow might be better….
                And then humidity comes back Tuesd./Wed. next week. PHOOEY!!

  1. Pillows have to be just so for each person. What one likes gives the other a headache!
    I don’t envy you the heat and humidity, it sucks the life blood out of you.

    1. True … on both cases! This morning, I can announce that I might have found The Pillow. I sensed it as soon as my head hit it, last night 😊

  2. A desirable pillow! Nice 🙂 Memory foam pillows are no better than lying on a rock.

    We have about 28°C these days and I’m actually freezing. I guess my adaptation to the high temperatures of June was excessive. I fear the winter…

    1. This morning, I’m happy to announce that this might very well be The Pillow 🙂
      I’ve tried memory foam once … a terrible experience for me.

      “Only” 23ºC this morning … it has only just started … ugh

      1. The Pillow! Great 🙂 My pillow is not memory foam, but it’s the second worst thing. I laundered it while observing the instructions on the tag, but the pillow got totally messed up in terms of shape after I laundered it. I got used to it though.

  3. I love my memory foam pillow. I keep it in a hypo-allergenic cover (under the pillow case) so I’m only ever washing the cover rather than the pillow. I’ve been known to travel with my pillow because I’m SOOO picky.

    It’s another hot and humid day in Toronto. We need rain … a few days of a good soaking rain.

    1. That’s great, that you love it! I’ve tried a few of them, and they were not for me. Good idea, about that cover — think I will get that for my new favourite too 🙂

      Same weather here. If only the wind would switch around from south, it seems stuck there.

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