Preppy [201/365]

A while back, I had to return my Cross pen, that was faulty. That was supposed to be my “pen for life”! I loved everything about it; the weight — how well balanced it felt in my hand, the width, the grip (important) and the smoothness with which it wrote … when it did write. Sadly, something was wrong in the inner workings of it, and it had to go back. I’ve ordered a new, same kind. I’m taking my chances because I loved it so much, and it’s so easy to return and get a full refund at Amazon.

In the meantime — it’s not supposed to arrive until August 2 — I decided to try two other fountain pens in the cheaper range: Lamy and Preppy. Lamy arrived and I wrote about it in the post I linked to. Had I never felt what it was like to write with the above mentioned Cross pen, I think Lamy would have been the pen for me, in spite of its plastic feel.

IMG_3112Yesterday, Preppy arrived, along with a pad of letter paper from Clairefontaine. Preppy is cheap — I think it was five bucks. I plugged in the cartridge that came with it, and it started to write immediately … from the first stroke. The little store in Toronto, where I’d ordered it, didn’t carry fine nib, so it’s medium. Since it’s a rather “wet” pen, medium is definitely not for me in this case. It’s smooth, though … very much so. Also, it’s a different kind of pen in the way of that you can fill up the whole thing with ink, if you want to … “eye-dropper-pen”, I believe it’s called. To do that, you’d need an extra O-ring and some silicone stuff. I’m not going to bother with that, since this won’t become my pen of choice. I have the cartridge, and I can fill that up easily with the syringe.

It’s alright in general. The grip is alright — it’s just that, to me, it has way too much of a plastic feel to it.

I won’t pester my readers with all my fountain pen endeavours (so much) 🙂. Just wanted to share my experience with Preppy, as it’s a very popular pen. With a fine nib, it could have been all different, but I have this sneaky feeling it would be scratchy.

13 Replies to “Preppy [201/365]”

  1. You’re pretty knowledgeable in pens! I never realised there was so much to consider. Your article made me feel more enlightened 🙂 I’m still tempted to try pens, but I’d better choose a hobby that doesn’t involve sitting at the desk.

    1. I was thinking about that last night — all these fountain pens … they’re like cats! 🙂 Totally different “personalities”!

      I’m sorry you’re feeling that way. It’s not good … hope you’ll get it sorted out, whatever it is that’s causing it!

          1. On a related note, I’ve noticed my cat’s personality is changing – perhaps with age? She’s so different from what she was a few years ago. I suspect my moods and my occasional changes in routine might be affecting her too.

            1. She used to be an outdoors cat before you moved, huh?!

              McDuff changed, even though he was always indoors, when we moved to this apartment. He’s more calm and collected now.

              1. Yes, she was an outdoor cat, much to my dismay. Also, grounds for divorce 😮 She was very timid for the first months in the flat, in the next stage she found that chewing the blinds is the best, and since I was leaving her for three days a week when I went to work, she’s grown very vocal. She never emitted a meow before. Now she has days when she is so quiet I’m worried about her and days when she’s pure evil. I mean, active in the wrong way with flat furnishings.

  2. Preppy does not sound like the pen for you Rebby! It is NOT as nice looking as the other pens either. I am not much of a pen enthusiast. I do NOT like Gel pens tho’. I smear the ink all the time. UGH!
    I have been using Pentel Pens as they have a good grip which I need because of the Arthritic fingers. Skinny pens do not work for me anymore 😦

    1. I do too 🙂 It’s a small plate … almost like a little ashtray [which it’s not]. Found it in a store when I was looking for something completely different 😉

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