one year old [200/365]

My little MacBook turns one year old today. I wouldn’t have known, but I keep seeing what I posted on this date a year ago — both in Facebook and in DayOne. I named it Poppy. After one year, we’re getting along just fine … not the slightest little friction. I’ve gotten over the USB-C thing … you know; โ€œlearn to accept what you cannot changeโ€ ๐Ÿ™‚. I’d only had it for a couple of weeks, when I brought it with me, on a trip to Quebec City. It fit right in my handbag! So thin and lightweight!

If I were to make up a pros and cons table, the only thing that would fall into the cons column would be the keyboard. It’s a personal thing, what you like when it comes to keyboards. I had to buy a separate one, because of my neck/shoulder issues, and I find it to be heavenly to type on in comparison with the native keyboard. I don’t know how to describe it, but there’s too little โ€œclickโ€ — it’s as if I can’t really feel what I’m typing. This Magic Keyboard is great, but it’s separate and I would have preferred if the original had been as nice.

Now that I have it, Poppy and I are perfectly happy together, and hopefully it will stay that way for several years to come.

Oh, one more thing for the cons column: The Apple logo doesn’t light up on the cover when the computer is turned on ๐Ÿ˜

10 Replies to “one year old [200/365]”

  1. Happy 1st Anniversary to you & ‘Poppy’.
    It has ben over a year I’ve had ‘Tessa’. She still is a glitch ridden laptop but since I upgraded to Windows 10 she is running much better.
    Funny us naming our PC’s. Who says only men have all the fun???? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. You have a very nice work station. Keyboards matter, it took me a while to get used to the keyboard of my new laptop because it feels different than the one on the old laptop. It’s always difficult with laptops in terms of neck pain – the screen is simply never high enough if you wish to use the laptop keyboard. I’m fortunately used to laptops, I last had a stationary computer in the 1990s, and I have my laptop on a low tilted stand, which is primarily a cooling stand, but puts the laptop in a more convenient position too. Congrats to Poppy on her first birthday! May you two work and have fun together for long!

    1. Yes, keyboards matter. The one on this computer, is too ‘flat’, and as I said … I can’t always feel if I’ve really hit a key or not. But that’s all — it’s a lovely, little computer.

      1. Yes, size and weight matter too – I take it that your laptop is not too heavy and too large to travel with when needed. I only travel with my tablet, as the laptop is a bit on the heavy side.

        1. All the previous ones have been too heavy to travel with, but I did it anyway. This one is perfect. I don’t travel often … now it’s been two years, apart from that little trip to Quebec last year.

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