discovering new stuff [199/365]

A while back, I signed up for something called Product Hunt. Found out about it in a blogging buddy’s post. You have to use either your Facebook ID or Twitter to sign up. I’m not totally a fan of that, but I used my Twitter ID @tassitus_

It’s fun — it feels a little like in those good old days of FriendFeed, which kept you on top of all that was new and shiny on the web.

IMG_3105Had some fun last night, with a new set of photo filters for the iPhone, called Prisma, for example. I think they are for Android too.

Then there are all the new, note taking apps:

I’ve been using several and never felt good about that. For a while, I was all about EverNote, but that’s a long time ago now. It’s become so complicated and cumbersome to organise. I’ve used SimpleNotes [owned by Automattic/WordPress] and it’s nice. I’ve even used DayOne — my journaling app — for notes, plus, of course, the Notes app that comes with the iPhone. All of this makes me feel insecure. It’s not good to be spread out like that.

I need to make up my mind about these ones, and right now I’m looking at two, new ones I’ve found. There’s Bear, which I haven’t really tried fully, yet but it looks good.  Then there’s BetterNotes, which makes use of hashtags and I love that. I want to settle for one, and keep it. Right now, I’m leaning towards BetterNotes … it’s still in its infancy, and there are probably lots of improvements in the making there. One needs to bear in mind that notes are for yourself … you don’t write them for other people. As soon he’s got the syncing sorted out and released a Mac/web version, I may move over to this one entirely. Then, of course, there’s always the big question: “What about all your old notes?”

DayOne is another thing I want to make up my mind about. After the upgrade to DayOne 2 (!), I don’t like it as much as I used to. They took away the choices of where to sync. You used to have three options: DropBox, iCloud and themselves. Now it’s only the latter. You’d have to really trust them, to have something as personal as that  stored only at their servers. Besides, I don’t like the looks of it anymore. Still, it feels almost a little scary to change — like a divorce. So … still hesitant.

Anyway, I guess what I wanted to say with this post, is that ProductHunt is a lot of fun, but can be extremely time consuming 🙂.


16 Replies to “discovering new stuff [199/365]”

  1. Oh, Prisma – thank you!

    I just emailed the people who make it to ask whether large size images and images that echo the shape of the original are ‘in the works’. That would be the cherry on top.

  2. I’ve been hearing about Prisma a lot lately, but it seems to have quite a few bugs to work out of the Android version. Hopefully the recent popularity spike will encourage them to do that sooner than later!
    I recently switched from EverNote to OneNote, but I don’t know that I’m in love. It’s unfortunate that EverNote felt the need to herd users toward subscriptions the way they have, but best of luck to them. Thanks for the tip on Product Hunt – sounds like a fun time consumer 🙂

    1. I’ve tried OneNote. It was last year, when I had Windows for a while. Didn’t like … at all! I found it more complicated than EverNote. I think this will come back to bite EN in the tail, in the long run, since there are so many good apps out there. I just want a small and simple one, for private notes. I have a good feeling about BetterNotes.

  3. Wow! Product Hunt! And there’s an entire section for coffee… I think I’d better avoid it so as not to get lost in the multitude of options.

    A note taking app is a hard choice. I struggled myself, but then went for OneNote, as I’m a Windows user and have the package of their Office products synced across all my devices. I don’t like OneNote really, it’s clumsy to use, but it’s more convenient for me than to go hunting for a different app.

    1. Clumsy, is the word!

      Today, I made up a grocery list in BetterNotes, before I went to the store, and now I’m a real fan! In fact, there are endless options for that app.

      1. I thought OneNote was one of the clumsiest apps ever, but yesterday I tried logging in to Skype, after several years of not using it, and I was terrified how impossible it is to navigate. So Skype trumps OneNote in the matter of unusability.

          1. Haha, I only used video calls with husband when I was travelling to conferences. I opened Skype now because some people use it for messaging, but I closed it again and won’t be using it. Too much bother.

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