temperature rising … [198/365]

Right now: 26ºC or 79ºF. Take your pick. When you consider the humidity factor, it supposedly feels like 33ºC and the humidity is only up to 65%. As soon as the sun sets, it will go up to 99%.

I’m not complaining, mind you. We’ve been lucky so far, with regards to the heat, this summer. The occasional day, like today, is livable. Or maybe not?! When we got back from Costco now, there was an ambulance parked outside, and two police cars (coroner), so someone died. Heat stroke, perhaps?! This building consists of 160 units, an  the majority is senior citizens. It’s very common to see ambulances out here, but not the police cars, though.

It was nice in Costco — especially their veggies- and dairy rooms. Could have spent some time there, but it gets a little boring in the long run.

I know out in Nevada, Arizona and those places the temperatures are in the triple-digits, but that’s dry heat. I don’t know what that feels like. Everywhere I’ve lived it’s been this kind of mugginess that makes life very uncomfortable. But still … I would imagine when it’s getting to be 110ºF you’d get cooked pretty easily.

Stay cool, bloggeroos! 🌞

16 thoughts on “temperature rising … [198/365]

  1. John

    The current humidity in Vegas is 12 % nice and low. 95 degrees at ten thirty. Will be 109 today. The dry does make a difference but hot is hot. It still kicks your bum!!

  2. joannesisco

    We’ve been having a sweat-fest for a while now with the humidity pushing temperatures in the 40C range … and more of it this week. I’m not a big fan of humidity Sticky and sweaty is not a good look for me 😉

    … but it’s summer and I know it will be short lived. Stay cool and think about February 🙂

  3. Mara Eastern

    26ºC that feels like 33°C? Uh. Dry heat is quite bearable. I was fine when the temperatures were 30ish, now there’s been a drop to 15ish and I’m freezing. I do a lot of laundry so I could soak in the heat from the tumbler.

      1. Mara Eastern

        I never liked the cold. I suspect I might suffer from a prenatal trauma, when my mother, pregnant with me, spent a winter holiday in a cottage that wasn’t heated, which might have given me an inborn fear of the cold 😮

  4. Nylabluesmum

    Oh yes there was a death ‘on site’ when Police/Coroner show up. This has happened here twice this year. Being at the front I see a lot of coming & going; sometimes I wish I didn’t know.
    Like you I have always lived where it gets humid. heat is heat & I am sure we would be hot in arid places. However we would not have the humidity that wrings water out of us like a dishrag! UGH……
    I will be happy when the heat of Summer gives way to a gentler season called Autumn 😉

  5. daydreamer2011

    We only had a few very hot days this summer! A lot of people complained, and I do feel for those that work all year and want a nice summer vacation and want some HEAT and sun!

    But for me, it has been awesome!


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