Photo bomber [197/365]


So … I was going to take a picture of one of my prayer plants to use for this post. Moved it away from the window, to get better light. Guess who immediately wanted in on it?! 🙂

IMG_3099Then he just remained in place.

The prayer plant is my favourite, potted plant. In my native tongue, they’re named «Moses’ tablets», and I can see the thought behind that.

When we first came to Saint John, I couldn’t get ahold of one, but every now and then they show up in the grocery store. I’ve bought two “spare ones”, now this last Spring … just to make sure 🙂.

These two, old ones looked completely dead until just recently. Anybody else but me, would have let them go. There was NO sign of life. I had in the back of my head, though, that I’d seen it make a come-back, so I left them there, in the window … gave them a little water to keep them moist. What do you know … about two months ago, I noticed the first “scroll” rearing its tip through the earth! Yay! They both came back, and now they look like this:


14 thoughts on “Photo bomber [197/365]

  1. Nylabluesmum

    Totally cool plants Rebby! I would have waited like you….I am determined/stubborn! And I chuckled about McDuff photo bombing the Prayer Plant!!
    Clever boy!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Have totally loved the prayer plant for (a REALLY l o n g time; ) but I don’t think I’ve ever owned one… And yours are gorgeous!
    Good to know about the dormancy period, should I ever be so lucky to suddenly acquire a greenhouse to put all of my “necessary” plants and then have room for the ones to have just because I want them; )

    1. Rebekah M

      We always had at least one, back home. Perhaps that’s why. Yes, they appear to be totally gone. Sometimes there’s some half-yellow leaf left, but not this time. And now they look this nice … I’m happy.

  3. Joss

    They are a favourite plant of mine as well. I have not seen one here yet but am on the lookout.
    Tell Mc Duff I said he always adds something soecial to any photo. Heh heh

  4. Mara Eastern

    You have lovely flowers – and a lovely view! From the window and of your cat, who looks so awesome. He looks like a cross of domestic cat with British shorthair.

    1. Rebekah M

      Yes, a great view … panoramic … and also lots of light in the apartment. I like that.

      He’s definitely a mix of something. That’s why we didn’t pay all that much when we “adopted” him. I think there’s some Russian Blue in him …

      1. Mara Eastern

        You paid to get a cat adopted? Hm, that’s weird, I would imagine there are too many cats of “impure” breeds waiting for adoption, so everyone should be happy when they get adopted and no payment should be involved. My cat would have been killed if I didn’t take her, and her original owner was so pleased she would almost pay me for relieving her of the kitten…

        1. Rebekah M

          Well … I think the idea behind paying is really to weed out evil, irresponsible people. That’s what I think. We paid $46 [I still remember the exact amount] 🙂 My two previous cats were pure bred, so I paid through my nose.

          1. Mara Eastern

            I see the logic now. It makes sense, in a way. Good for me that I could literally pick cats off the streets, there are always some strays. And you can get a shelter cat here for free, no questions asked.

              1. Mara Eastern

                At least it’s a good regulatory measure in that one doesn’t gather more cats than one can reasonably manage. Which is so easy, because cats.

  5. daydreamer2011

    Way to go with the plants!! I usually kill all my live plants LOL

    Wonderful photos and awww McDuff!! 🙂


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