Journey [195/365]

Since my mind is just as blank as it was yesterday morning, I was thinking perhaps I could use a prompt from WordPress. Today it’s “journey”. I could write a lot about that, but then the morning routine started. I just can’t focus on writing when I have two, piercing, green eyes gazing at me, a soft paw on my arm, combined with a meow every minute. He’s demanding breakfast, and it hasn’t been served yet.

Using “journey” in the big perspective — my life’s journey — I’ll just say that it’s mine. It’s my journey, I chose my path, and I’m responsible for it. In retrospect, you can sometimes see how the small decisions you’ve made throughout life, has affected the chain of events. Rarely have I been aware of that’s a life-changing choice the moment I made it (even though it has happened).

I’ll just leave it at that. Meow! 😸

14 Replies to “Journey [195/365]”

  1. Yes, I feel the same. Sometimes it’s easy to see that things are pivotal. Other times one has to go back to the last fork in the road and trace that back to the fork before that, and the one before that…

    1. It’s all like a mosaic or a jigsaw puzzle. One day, perhaps, all the pieces fall into place and the big picture will be revealed … 😌

  2. I appreciate your taking responsibility for your journey / life / life’s journey rather than, as some people are prone to, blaming circumstances or whatever for what went wrong. It’s quite an achievement to have written a post with McDuff demanding your attention! I’m writing this comment while cooking dinner while my cat is demanding my attention, and I think I should probably stop this multitasking. It’s not working!

    1. Yes, there’s a lot of blaming going around. I was never prone to that, thankfully.

      It became increasingly hard to write that post, so I just caved and got up to serve him his breakfast. After that comes the brushing 🙂

  3. Totally AGREE!!! My life (& myself) were a jigsaw puzzle!
    Actually in my early adulthood I felt more like ‘Humpty Dumpty’ as you know.
    I look back over the small choices & the big choices & I can see where the pieces fit. Finally!! 😉

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