Lamy [193/365]

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This morning I had absolutely nothing to write about. Now, however, my new pen just arrived with Purolator. I mentioned it in my previous blog about Canada Post. This is a pen I was curious about, because so many people seem to be excited about Lamy pens. It’s all plastic, it’s yellow (obviously), and I’m going to use it while waiting for my Cross pen. Had to return that one — it was something wrong with it.

So far, I’ve only written what you can see in the above picture, but I’m actually surprised how much I liked it! For some reason, I expected it to be scratchy. Of course, the Clairefontaine paper is so smooth, so it’s like a dream to write on it.

One more thing I wasn’t sure about — the grip. When I looked at the pictures of the Lamy pens, I didn’t really think I’d like the triangular grip, but I do! It feels really good.

That was my first impression of Lamy Safari, fine-nibbed. Thankfully, I didn’t select medium nib, because this feels more like medium than fine.

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        1. Den är fin, när man betänker att det är en billig penna. Många som gillar den, av mina “reservoarpennfanatiker” 🙂 Köpte den på Amazon

          1. Önskar att jag hade en fin handstil- har alltid älskat att läsa fin text och varit sotis på de som skriver sådär fint! ( och numera kan man ju knappt skriva sitt namn läsbart…man skriver ju aldrig för hand mera….)

            1. Jag vet! Det var det jag ville ändra på … det var därför jag började kolla på reservoarpennor. Hela mitt liv har jag också varit sotis på dem! Dessutom trodde jag att jag inte kunde använda reservoarpenna eftersom jag är vänsterhänt, men det är inte sant längre.

  1. Wow, just accidentally deleted your comment ):
    So, let’s just say that Lamy’s vibrant colour and fantastic features are reflected in your script and today’s post; )
    GREAT SCORE! (And worth the wait?; )

    1. Thank you! Too bad you deleted your comment. Never the same to re-write. Yes, I like this little pen a lot more than expected! Definitely worth the wait LOL. Purolator can probably relax a little now 🙂

      1. Well, not exactly deleted. More like I forgot it was under construction (finished ‘cept for the polishing): and then realised what I’d done, just as I closed all my apps…

        1. No! When you like to write, why not indulge yourself. If I’d thought I’d use up all cheap pens in here, I would have had to live many lifetimes 🙂

  2. I love this pen at the first sight! I love the shape, design and even the colour (though I’d prefer red for myself 😉 ). Your handwriting looks very neat, but we already knew that.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 They have red too … it comes in all kinds of colours! Not very expensive either. Now, that I’ve had it for a full day, almost, I like it even more. So comfy to write with …

      1. Good news then 🙂 I was surprised to see a plastic pen with such a carefully crafted design. I’m a bit biased against plastic pens, I wouldn’t think them fancy enough.

      2. Good news then 🙂 I was surprised to see a plastic pen with such a carefully crafted design. I’m a bit biased against plastic pens, I wouldn’t think them fancy enough.

  3. Ah, the yellow Lamy has arrived 🙂 I’m glad you like it! Still not my pen, but it’s good to see it’s even better than you thought. Then the waiting was worth it! Do try it some more and let me know how it is in the long run. Also, it bridges waiting time nicely, doesn’t it? 🙂

    1. Patience isn’t any of my vices, so yes … it certainly does. Wrote with it all day yesterday, and this morning I filled it up again. Converter worked very well. In fact, I can’t come up with anything that I DIS-like about this pen, for the price I paid. Had it in my head, it would be scratchy. It’s not — not on any paper. It just keeps on writing nicely on any paper, doesn’t miss a stroke. Even my fine-nibbed Cross pen is scratchier when I write on any paper other than Clairefontaine [geez, I could be the spokeswoman for that company LOL].

      1. laughs sounds like it. But I really like that you love that pen. It’s great. It isn’t the price or the rarity of a pen that grabs me, it’s the enjoyment of writing with it. And it seems the same for you. 🙂 I really like that you love it. Then it was worth getting it.

        1. It was [worth it]! As it feels now, this will be one of the pens I’ll carry with me, and not just keep here, on my desk. I have a Preppy on its way. That could be fun too, to see what it’s like. Have you ever filled up the whole pen, or do you use converter? I understand one has to have some O-ring to seal it, when you fill up the whole thing?!

          1. You mean an eyedropper? I’ve read about it, but I never tried. Also, my Lamy has holes in it 😛 It so wouldn’t work laughs But no, I’ve never had an eyedropper as of yet. I like changing my inks too often to try, too. Too much ink in one pen would just take AGES to need replacement. Funnily enough, I think a piston filler has just the right amount of ink for me.
            If you do, let me know how it is, though 🙂 I’ve never said I wasn’t tempted 😉

            1. Eyedropper is the word. The first day with Lamy, I used up a full converter, but not after that. I will check it out … how to go about it, I think I would need additional equipment to do it … like an O-ring and some sealing stuff … silicone.

              1. you let me know how that works for you 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be great. Though sealing sounds like a great idea. And don’t forget the greasing for the thread.

                1. I did watch a video about it [Goulet Pens] … need to watch it again. The greasing for the thread is probably that silicone stuff I mentioned.

                    1. I’ve sent for a little sample of Diamine, because I’m curious to see how that works … “majestic blue”. Never tried it before.

                    2. ooh, you’ll love it! I adored majestic blue! I love Diamine ink, I really do. Though it might be a little too wet for you, I dunno…

                    3. but the colors are gorgeous 🙂 It’ll perhaps be a little like me with the Mont Blanc Toffee Brown. Not quite the liquidity I prefer, but damn the color is fine 😀
                      As always, let me know what you think of it!

  4. Hi Rebekah, I have heard about Lamy pen’s too. You have lovely handwriting – it is so beautiful. Let us know the writing experiences as you write more. More in your morning pages. I write with an cheap fountain pen at the moment it does the job. Well I write biro, felt, pencil, gel, fountain… but my writing is not as beautiful as yours. I have restarted my morning pages again after a weeks break, I do enjoy the act of writing and when you have lovely paper and pens – well it must be heaven.

    Do like the yellow colour – will my match my yellow top that I am wearing today – lol

    1. It was the yellow colour that made me buy it LOL. After a day and a half, I like it even more. I started the Morning Pages, and just never stopped. In the beginning, I kept pointing out I hadn’t made any commitment, and I still haven’t. I just want to do it 🙂

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