fur balls [192/365]

Blogging subjects are getting harder to come by, so I’m getting down to the nitty gritty (not!) now … earrings!

I’m not much into wearing jewellery. Sometimes I notice what others are wearing, though, thinking it looks really good at times. I have a pair of diamond studs, and I never think about changing. Once I went to the mall, together with another woman, and she found me so strange, because I wasn’t really interested in looking at all that type of stuff in the stores. I’m not talking about the jewellery stores here, no, the ones where they have all kinds of junque … accessories, I believe they call it. Cheap stuff. Besides I’m scared of them. You just never know what kind of heavy metals are in them. Anyways, we’re all different people, and she might not have been all that drawn to stationery stores if there had been any.

Once, though, while we were still living in Quebec City, I don’t know what possessed me, but I bought these!


What?! Green fur balls?! They’re so not me but I fell head over heels in love with them, and I’ve kept them — thought they were kind of cute, or something. Brought them out now, for this shot. Maybe, some day, I’ll wear them.

I do have another pair of earrings, that used to belong to my mother. They are simple gold rings, but the thing is, they aren’t made for pierced ears, they’re the type you screw on, and I can’t handle that. I’ve been thinking seriously about having them altered, but not gotten around to it.

mumsearringsLooking at them now, which I haven’t done for quite some time, I really think I should pull myself together and bring them to the jewellery repair store.

24 Replies to “fur balls [192/365]”

    1. Ha ha! Web cams, like they have on the helmets 🙂

      I don’t even know what brought this on … to write a blog post about earrings. I’m not even interested in that type of stuff, really. I think it’s those “Morning Pages” that do something to me — my mind is so totally blank after writing them.

  1. My mother is a collector of earrings, and ordinary rings – I think she has got several hundreds of them. When I was young I bought some for me as well, but found …I never use them. The golden ones you show here – my mother has got the same type, used before she pierced her ears. Never changed them though…maybe because she has got so many others? Those fur balls are rather cute – and I love green. I got myself a pair of wooden owls some years ago, and in fact use them!

    1. Wonderful! 🙂 I once met a woman who wore a pair of magpies (think they were made of some type of glass). I still regret I didn’t ask her where she got them. I love magpies 🙂

  2. Green is not my colour but other than that, I’d definitely wear the fur ball earrings! I’m not overexcited about accessories, but I like them. Never mind the probably harmful material they’re made of, I don’t wear them on a daily basis. Of course gold would be safest for daily wear. Also matches any clothes you happen to wear. Please blog more about silly-ish subjects like this, I’m a fan 🙂

    1. LOL … I most probably will (blog about this type of stuff). They had a programme on Canadian TV, [Marketplace, CBC], where they analyzed the stuff they were made of. Poisonous, many of them! Lead, and stuff like that! Imagine all the young girls that buy these things …

      1. It’s not great when things are made of poisonous and/or cancer-causing materials, but I’m not too worried about it myself. I grew up surrounded by this stuff (my native house was made of a material that is now banned because it’s poisonous) and as a smoker, I guess cancer caused by earrings is not the kind I should be most concerned about. I think there is some progress being made so that young people wouldn’t have to be affected by lead-laden products. I hope so.

        1. Right … but then it’s kind of extra discouraging when I hear about non-smokers who die from lung cancer. Anyway, there are so many rules and regulations about import, still that many had ‘snuck’ through. Lead is terrible.

          Was it asbestos in the house, or radon?

          1. Asbestos for sure and another material whose name I forgot, even in Czech… I like to mention that I grew up in a house with a view of a nuclear plant’s cooling towers, which made me sort of mentally immune to worries about proximity of dangerous materials.

              1. I know! I do my best not to be scared of things only because I don’t know how they work. I’m also not easily influenced by the bombastic news reporting all the time that this or that was found to be damaging to health. If I believed everything, like my mother does, I’d never get to use anything because everything is potentially poisonous. Just today my mother presented me with some special plastic bottle because apparently, water gets spoilt in regular plastic bottles. I’m not entirely sure how my water spoils when I pour some in the bottle in the morning for on the go and drink it within hours, but whatever.

                1. I don’t get scared easily about stuff like that. Also, it keeps changing all the time, what’s poisonous. I don’t know what to think about the water bottles … if it had been booze in plastic bottles, it would have been a whole different story LOL. Then I would have been more inclined to worry 🙂

                  1. Exactly! There are highly contradictory reports as to what is a health risk and what not, and I don’t think a lay person can ever know. Perhaps it’s best to ignore it, or at least better than believing everything you read.

      2. Hey Bekah, qu’elle bizarre, I saw that show too!
        I think it’s immoral to add toxic materials into something that’s obviously intended to be in contact with the skin… ):):

  3. Love those green furry earrings!!! They are do not you but they are cute!
    I love your Mum’s earrings….can they be made into pierced earrings? Would be good to check that out….
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

  4. Love the fur balls. Love the greens: )
    They are VERY cute and a great conversation starter: “So Rebekah, where did you find such tiny, furry green balls, anyway?” Lol!

  5. I love earrings! Even your green furballs! And I don’t have pierced ears. For years I have had the same favourite pairs of dangly silver ones. A lovely silversmith made special clips to match the style of earrings but he has move don and doesn’t make them any more. Lately, very late in life I know, I have been thinking about getting my ears pierced as one by one I lose my treasured old danglers… Lacking courage though. The loss of another precious one might just do it …

    1. I was thirteen or so … didn’t feel a thing! It was done in a split second. But still, I just wear these studs. I seem to have lost the will to … care?!

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