Canada Post [190/365]

Yesterday morning, there was a knock on the door. There was no, preceding phone call (= the door buzzer uses the phone), so I had to ask who it was. “Canada Post”, the voice responded. In a split second, my brain managed to think that perhaps it was a pen I’ve ordered, that miraculously showed up much earlier and with a different carrier LOL. It was not.

It was my own package, being returned to me. About a week ago … close to two … I sent off one of those padded, bubbly envelopes to a country in eastern Europe. Put everything together, printed the address, double-checked everything was correct, and took it to the post office/drugstore. All went swimmingly, I even got a receipt with a tracking number (!), and didn’t think more about that.

Now it came back to me! The postman had no idea what was wrong or what those labels meant — he’d read them too. From what I understood, my little package had been to the US. It was a mystery.

I had another pen, that was defective and had to go back to Amazon, so I brought it all down to the postoffice. I did remember that when I sent my package off to eastern Europe, the woman working there, I’d never seen before. This time, it was the regular one, who’s been there for all eight years we’ve lived here.

She looked at it, and after a minute, she’d figured out what had happened: The person working there that day, had paid no attention to which country it was addressed … only the postal code for the city. Since the set-up of the postal code was the same as the American ones,  this package took off to some place in the US. That’s how I could even get a tracking number. You don’t get that on international letters otherwise.

I don’t know which town in the US that coincides with that postal code, but I do remember my own postal code back home in Sweden was the same as Albuquerque, NM. When I signed up for some email account in the mid 90s, I was told to fill in my postal code, which I did. It automatically showed that I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico LOL.

Anyway, all was sorted out, and the envelope should be winging its way across the ocean as I type 🙂.

20 thoughts on “Canada Post [190/365]

  1. Mara Eastern

    Albuquerque, New Mexico? Like in the Breaking Bad series, nice 🙂 Postal codes are tricky, I’ve had similar experiences when signing up for various accounts which were localised for a particular region (USA, UK), demanded my postal code and then insisted my postal code was incorrect. It’s probably not the best lead when determining location worldwide.

    At least you got that figured out! Hopefully with no additional costs, as the mistake was on the part of the post. My own country, also known as Czechia, is routinely confused with Chechnya in international press. Well, at least it’s the same continent. Hopefully your next package will be your pen – preferably one that writes.

    1. Rebekah M

      Yeah. We’ll see. I’m waiting for a package, and now, since Amazon is aware of the threat of strike, they’re shipping everything with Purolator and they’re overwhelmed now.

  2. Mara Eastern

    Ok. Wtf. I commented on this yesterday and I can’t see my comment now. I really should get more Ginkgo Biloba. I might have commented on something else or deleted my comment instead of posting it. * sigh *

    I didn’t say anything essential, just the fun fact that CZ, also known as Czechia, gets routinely confused with Chechnya in press. Which is not really related to ZIP codes, so I wonder why I thought of that. I was also hoping that your next package will be the one you’re waiting for and will contain a pen that will actually write. I’m not sure if my hoping so will have any impact on the result though. Now I’m copying this comment so I could paste it when I delete it by accident. * more sighs *

    1. Rebekah M

      Mmm … I would imagine. Also, there’s the state of Georgia in the US and Georgia over there. We shall see when it arrives.

      The pen is supposed to arrive Tuesday, now, at the latest. Bleh — so typical that this strike thing had to occur precisely when I’d ordered something.

  3. Nylabluesmum

    Isn’t Canada Post for the birds Rebby??? I had 2 parcels from the UK go to Budapest, Hungary before they made it to Canada.
    I am glad you got things sorted out (at your own expense; isn’t that always the way?)

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  5. daydreamer2011

    Glad it was sorted out!!

    Yeah I too had to use my postal code somewhere online and I am not sure I remember right, but I think I was in Michigan USA LOL


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