Notebooks [189/365]

FullSizeRender 13Recently, I purchased a Midori notebook. Must have read about them online somewhere and thought they looked neat. It’s a passport sized Midori leather notebook, and you can fill it up with all kinds of accessories … planners, pockets, plastic pockets for cards et cetera. It looked like good quality leather in the picture — that’s important to me — and all this just fed my newly returned addiction to stationery. It has been dormant since my early teenage years 🙂.

Before I purchased, I read reviews, to make sure the paper quality was okay for fountain pen use … that’s the whole purpose of it, and it really is good quality paper. Surprisingly good, I’d say, because at a first glance/feel it appears rather thin.

midori_insertI have three notebooks in it — two ruled and one with blank pages, and I’m very pleased with my purchase. I’m just going to use it for loose thoughts and ideas. In the long run, I might get one of those ‘folders’ to put little stuff in.

It could have stopped there, if I hadn’t happened to come across it in Pinterest. I thought I’d just bought a simple notebook, but it turns out there seems to be a whole, almost, “movement” about Midori.

Pinterest is a site I rarely visit, for the simple reason I don’t really understand the point of it, but I do go in occasionally. Now that I saw the notebook, I started browsing, and was amazed when I saw what people did with them. There’s just so much creativity out there! Check out the link above, you’ll see! Some did calligraphy, others made drawings … they’d crafted their own planners and so on.

… and I thought I’d just bought a notebook! 🙂

14 Replies to “Notebooks [189/365]”

  1. When I go on Pinterest, I usually look at Pinterest fails – of projects gone wrong. I have a mean sense of humour. Otherwise I just use it to save links to films I want to watch or stuff I consider buying. Better than bookmark everything, I don’t like mess in my bookmarks. On the notebook note, though, I hope we’ll get to see more samples of your handwriting – doesn’t really matter what it says, it’s just pleasant to look at.

    1. When I go in there, everything is presented jumbled together — no order whatsoever. I «like» the occasional panda or bunny. I’ve made a folder in Bookmarks, where I put stuff like that. I do clean up there, with some regularity 🙂

      I really feel my handwriting getting better all the time. It’s all thanks to that I don’t hold the pen that hard anymore, hence; no cramp. Before, I had to stop after a couple of sentences, and give my hand some rest. Love the fountain pen! 🙂

      1. I like the occasional kitten on Pinterest… I’m a bit confused about how to organise internet content – I use bookmarks, Pocket and Pinterest. And some things I even save in OneNote, a MS app similar to Evernote. Too many organising options are keeping me disorganised. I might consider using pen and paper, like you 😉

      2. SO glad to hear you’re relaxing. I always found it makes all the difference in the world on making nice curves! (Skiing: )
        (And echoing Mara’s request on seeing more of your script: )

        1. I hate skiing, because they forced me when I was little. 🙂

          There will be samples. I’m not striving for any kind of ornamental handwriting … just a consistent, decent looking one. I’d lost it all, but I see it is possible to get back. I used to imitate other people’s handwriting (when I found some good looking one), but I won’t do that anymore, I want it to be personal.

          1. That’s very sad about your skiing, Bekah… Although, I’m assuming that it was cross-country you did as a child – Jack Rabbit Johansson springs immediately to mind – and that’s a LOT more work than downhill ing around here; ) But obviously there’s no point in forcing anything on yourself or anyone else, if you truly want it to be an enjoyable experience.

            1. Yes, it was cross-country. They forced me, both in school and elsewhere. I dreaded those days when I had to lug the damned skis on the bus to school. I deliberately ‘forgot’ them, but that didn’t help, because they had spare ones in school.

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