cats’ hearing [187/365]

DSC_7642.NEFI get up quite some time before Gerry, my husband. Never does a “routine” seem more important and pronounced than in the mornings. McDuff, our cat, greets me, out in the hallway, with head butts, and sometimes even a little meow.

When the coffee’s ready, I sit down here and write. First, as of late, my Morning Pages and then I start to think about a blog post for the day. That’s all fine and dandy. He, McDuff is alright with that and the three treats I gave him while waiting for the coffee.

However … should this procedure take a few minutes more than he’s used to, then the “terror” commences. First, subtly, by just sitting on the floor, looking at me intensely. That’s bad enough — that stare is piercing. Next step: one paw on the armrest of my chair, other paw touching my arm, ever so gingerly. He’s used to that that, normally, does the trick. In 99% of the cases, I just get up then. But yesterday, that wasn’t the case. I held out. I just said something to him, at the first paw treatment, and carried on with whatever I was doing.

Washing paw ~ tasstvätt

Not good. Now the paw treatment + meow + stare began. That was the worst. It became increasingly intense. I just couldn’t stay focused any longer — I had to get off the chair and go on with the morning routine, which means feeding him the wet stuff.

I told Gerry, who was up by then, how hopeless it was to try and write something longer in the mornings, but he just said “Well … you wanted kids, so … ” 😽

We had shrimp salad for supper last night. Isn’t that just a great piece of information?! It’s getting to be hot and we wanted to eat something cold. I always keep a few bags of frozen shrimp in the freezer, in order to be prepared. Now; the intriguing part. As soon as I even touch one of those bags, McDuff comes running … even if he is in the far bedroom! If I open the freezer and take out something else in a plastic bag, he doesn’t react. I just can’t figure out how he can make the distinction between shrimp bag and other bag. I know their hearing is good, but still …

Yesterday was no exception, so he got his quota of shrimp. While I cut them up for him, he  waits, and stretches up towards the kitchen counter with his front paws. I’m amazed how tall he gets.

14 Replies to “cats’ hearing [187/365]”

  1. I can’t figure out how Theo knows there’s shrimp either. It’s frozen …. he can’t possible smell it, can he?!!

    Theo isn’t allowed on any table or counter surface, yet if I ignore him when he wants food, he WILL jump on the table and lay across whatever I’m trying to do. If I continue to ignore him, he’ll start to toss things off the table.

    I’m very well trained now.

    1. I think he’s read my blog. Today, it’s intense!

      Thankfully, McDuff has never ever jumped up on the kitchen counter. My two, previous cats, did. I also remember, trying to read the morning paper (before Internet) — not a chance! I had a cat lying over the paper each time. There’s something about papers too, I think.

      Yes, we’re well trained by our cats 😺

  2. Cat routines are possibly the best kind. But cat stares are deathly. I know that first-hand. My cat knows the time for her wet food too well too. She also gets hysterical when I cook fish or shrimps. She gives the kitchen counter the paw treatment when I’m cooking. She’s fascinated with the vapour coming from pots. And she devours anything I happen to drop. Be it rice or a sprinkling of spices.

    1. I know … there’s no way to get away from the stare! He’s not too much into real fish, like salmon, though and he doesn’t eat lobster. Weird animals, but I don’t eat lobster myself so …
      A friend, back home, is a breeder (Sacred Birman). She feeds them boiled cod every now and then, and she says the anticipation in the kitchen is tremendous 😻

      1. Ooh, the Birman is such a good looking breed! It’s difficult to tell what to feed your cat – boiled food is probably not natural for cats, but neither is it natural for them to live with humans in households, so I guess the domestic cat can get some extras. I go the simple way and only ever feed the cat cat food. She was on dry food only during one period when she wouldn’t eat wet food. She didn’t seem to suffer. I still don’t get it why she didn’t eat wet food, but now she’s back to it, so I’m glad she has a more varied diet.

  3. Känner igen allt. Katter har ett sjunde sinne för mat, de hör skillnaden på att ta fram en tonfiskburk och andra burkar. De är de enda djur jag vet som kan veta vad som finns i frysen o s v.
    Det är tur att de dresserat oss bra, vi som är kattägda.

    1. Så sant! Det var Dig jag nämnde i en kommentar ovanför, beträffande torsk-kokningen 🙂. Vi är så tacksamma för McDuff och att han är som han är.

  4. Kitty is equally a creature of habit… Her dry food is upstairs (out of reach of the aforementioned Labs; ) and FRESH water in her bowl is a MUST! [While any old puddle will do when she’s outside; ] Sixteen years old and deaf as a post, she announces(bellows) to all and sundry that she’s finished using the facilities, thank you very much, and would you be so kind… Then I am under intense scrutiny whilst cleaning her box, as she knows full well that filling the water bowl is next, lol!

    1. Yeah, they’re so funny and so different. The box is a whole different story. After he’s been there, he runs around like a crazy cat! I always clean out the box in the morning, before I take the trash to the chute. When I’ve cleaned out, he has to go there and have a little pee.

      Everything has to be done in a certain order 🙂

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