The Bridge [186/365]

We’re now finished watching season 3 of The Bridge. Season 1 was the best, but I still enjoyed all of the show … very much thanks to Sofia Helin’s outstanding acting, as Saga Norén. Her terrific acting, also made me think of Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland. These types of roles must be extremely difficult, I would imagine. Homeland and The Bridge had another thing in common: in both cases, the male, lead character in the show disappeared, out of the picture. In Homeland’s case, it continued to be good (even got better at some points) in my books. Perhaps not so much in The Bridge. The plots got very ambitious as complicated — too many people to keep track of. It didn’t take anything away from Saga’s character though, and ended with some, pretty powerful scenes.

It takes place both in Malmö, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. The latter is a city I’ve never visited (except Kastrup, their international airport), but I have spent a day and a half in the Malmö-region. The above picture is the only one I got to shoot, of the bridge, during my visit 2011.

turning_torsoIt was a little fun to notice, though, that where Saga Norén, Länskrim Malmö, had her private residence, was in a part of Malmö that I actually did see. I’d told my niece, while I visited, that there were two things I just had to see, and take photographs of; The Turning Torso (a tall building that really sticks out in Malmö) and Ale’s Stenar.

Saga’s apartment isn’t too far from the Turning Torso. My niece and I spent a few hours, walking around in that particular area, and here are a few pictures from  that walk.


7 Replies to “The Bridge [186/365]”

  1. I like it a lot that we happen not only to run the same 365 project but also now watch the same series. It’s an excellent one. I’m glad you pointed it out to me. Now I have one last episode of series two to go. The penultimate episode was so sad that it almost depressed me – and I’m always depressed, so it’s rather hard to depress me even more 😮 Still curious how Martin will go. Suicide, maybe? Don’t tell me, I’m just speculating aloud. He doesn’t come across as the suicidal type though.

    You told me about the Turning Torso before, but I didn’t really know what you meant. I don’t often see details or even landmarks of landscape, I just perceive a general sense or feel of it – but now I actually noticed this building in the series. It’s nice. It fits well in its surroundings, even if it sticks out at the same time. I still love the waterfronts the most.

    1. Heh! Yes, that’s kind of cool … also that somebody else I know is watching it. The only thing I’ll say about Martin is that it’s kind of logical … his departure, from the series, that is. What I don’t understand, about the Turning Torso is that it’s all a condo building, but there are no balconies?! That’s a little strange …

      Another series I’d love to watch is Forbrydelsen (the Danish original with English subtitles). I’ve already watched the ‘Americanized’ version The Killing, which was excellent, so I expect the original to be even better. Don’t know how I’ll get ahold of it, though … it’s not on Netflix.

      1. I’m now familiar with the Turning Torso, thanks to you – there was one very nice shot in episode one, season three, of Saga pulling the car up in front of her home and the Turning Torso was reflected in the car windows. Nice. I’m not so surprised that there are no balconies, it would look possibly even odder with balconies? I am surprised though that it’s a residential building. I thought it was commercial. I imagined this kind of fancy buildings usually house offices and such.

        Season three is weird. Poor Saga looks so aged and haggard. And her new colleague didn’t end up that well 😮 Saga looks like bad news! I’m totally lost in all the characters at the moment. Well, I’ll finish this and see if I can get hold of The Killing.

        1. Yeah, it would have looked weird, but it’s very unusual with apartments without balconies.

          Haggard, is the word. Lots going on there.

          The Killing is really good, especially considering it’s one of those re-writes. They managed to keep the noir part of it too.

          1. Tenements in this area often don’t have balconies, it’s just boxes with windows, so it probably depends on what the custom of the country is. I’m lucky to have a balcony/terrace, and for myself only. Sometimes they’re shared.

            I bow to the acting of Sofia Helin, she really became the character in this last season, more than before. It must be incredibly taxing to play such a part.

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