Soft Petals [185/365]

You know how you sometimes can have a song playing inside your head?! Sometimes you even wake up with one … That has happened to me several times — even the American national anthem (!).

One morning, perhaps four, five years ago, I was making the bed and found myself humming a song and I didn’t even know which one it was. It was a catchy little tune, and I even knew a few words of the lyrics to it; “soft petals caressing your skin”, but I had no idea where I got it from.

Took me several hours + some googling, before it dawned on me: It was from a TV-commercial for the bathroom tissue Cashmere 🙂.

26 Replies to “Soft Petals [185/365]”

      1. It would drive you mad, no matter how much you thought you used to like the song. But I think the solution to getting a song out of your head is to replace it with another one. (That could just be another kind of trouble, but maybe replace it with one whose words or tune you don’t know very well.)

  1. Hahaha, the American national anthem stuck in your head? Scary thought. Though I am guilty of having had the British anthem stuck in my head once. This song is too good for toilet paper, any toilet paper.

    1. When I was a kid, in school, we learnt the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and British national anthems by heart. I still remember the Swedish and the British. I know almost all of the lyrics to the American. I need to clear out my mental cache LOL. Too many temporary files there …

          1. I had to learn a lot by heart too, it was surely “trendy”, but not anthems, rather poems, science formulas and definitions. I should probably clear my mental cache too because I can still recite a bunch of poems. Automatically. Even one in German, a language I no longer speak.

            1. I know all the German prepositions by heart … all three groups. Even if you were to wake me up, in the middle of the night, I’d be able to recite them LOL
              Pointless knowledge. Even though I probably would be able to carry out a day-to-day-conversation in German, there wouldn’t be time to stop and think about which group a certain preposition belonged to, and whether it would be accusative or dative … gawd!!! 🙂

              1. Your comment triggered in my mind the instant staccato of durch, für, gegen, ohne, um. Accusative, the easiest group. The other groups I don’t remember any more. Czech has seven cases, so German’s four cases are OK, I guess. The preposition lists that I used to know by heart did help me in tests and in writing, not in conversation, of course. You probably don’t stop in a conversation to recite a list of prepositions so as to locate the relevant one…

                1. No, you wouldn’t get much said then! The third of the groups; an auf hinter in … could do both accusative and dative — there you had to really think hard LOL

                  Aus, ausser, bei! 🙂

  2. You must have completely different commercials than we do up here Rebby! I’ve never heard this tune before; either on the radio or on TV… So, did you find out who’s song it is?

    1. It was on TV all the time, for Cashmere, but it’s probably four or even more years ago. It was rather ‘dreamy-looking’. Why would we have different commercials here?! You probably didn’t notice it.

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