Loyalty cards [184/365]

Running out of subjects to blog about, but got a little help as I read Mara’s blog about groceries.

Almost every store, nowadays, have some kind of loyalty card so at the check-out they keep asking you for your card … always. Stores I hardly ever visit, I don’t care about, but I do have three cards: our ‘main’ grocery store (the one we frequent most), the ‘other’ grocery store and the drugstore. They all have smartphone apps, so you really don’t have to carry those cards around.

IMG_3049Our grocery store started this system about a year and a half ago … perhaps two, even. It’s a rather nifty system. When the card was brand new, you didn’t have anything there, but after a few weeks of shopping and using the card, products started to appear on the list. Products that “had points on them”. The longer you kept using it, you started to notice and exactly the products you normally would buy, came up on the list. Psychologically, that felt good in a way, as you figured you’d buy those items anyway, so a few points wouldn’t hurt. A frozen pizza, for example, could render you 1,000 points one week and if you buy two at the same time, you get 2,000 points. That’s two bucks!  “Not much!”, you might say, but it’s definitely better than nothing at all. Especially if it so happens that your favourite pizza is on sale that week.

In the app, you see immediately how many $$ you have to redeem. We did a little extra grocery shopping the other week, filled up on staple items … the amount turned out to be over a hundred dollars, and I emptied out the points account … i.e. paid with our accumulated points. It felt pretty good 🙂.

That’s the only card I really care about. I doubt the big chain store loses a single cent on this system — it’s merely a way to make you feel good … and I do 🙂. I also think this store has found a clever way of carrying out this system.

Quite often they throw in ‘bonus items’ … like now, last Spring, there were quite a few gardening items for example … plants, fertilizers and stuff like that. Seasonal stuff …

11 Replies to “Loyalty cards [184/365]”

  1. They do it for the data. They get insights from pairing the data of a shopper and their shopping. I recall reading that one of the stores in the USA was so good at presenting offers to customers that they would know when someone was pregnant even before the person’s partner would know.

    1. Heh! Yeah, that’s easy to believe, especially since the drugstore is inside the grocery store. Now this store knows I like Icelandic yoghurt, amongst many other, recurring items.

      Never any points for milk or eggs, though.

  2. I too have the same card…I did it just to make the person doing the Promo happy. I have some points but I doubt I will be able to ‘cash’ them in for a very long time as I only shop once a month. Plus loading offers’ every Friday can be a bit of a pain.
    I refuse to carry any other cards. Thank Air Miles for that! My hubby Kevin signed up for them & got us 2 cards. Mine said Mrs. Kevin De*J****. No biggie. A year after he had died I tried to redeem the points. I even sent a Certificate of Death & copy of Marriage Certificate & they REFUSED to cash in the points. I can say they heard some colorful language on the phone. I cut up the card & refuse to use these cards. Seriously why would they not give me our points? Sad but true!

    1. That’s sad! What a story. This is the first time I’ve ever made use of any such card. We have AirMiles but I don’t care about that.

      1. It was insult to injury! The people @ air Miles kept asking how would they know I was his wife? This went on & on. I was in tears. And then I got angry & got pretty crude. Idiots!!
        I am still not wild about the point card I have now…when I DO get enough points to cash in they’d better do it or that card will be destroyed as well. I have no time for such nonsense.

  3. That’s a great post that goes beyond my lazy blogging of my grocery receipt 😉 I also find myself out of subjects to blog about recently. Since I’ve already blogged about toilet papery and groceries, I wonder what ignoble subject to pick next.

    I’m hugely impressed by the app that you describe. I just checked and there’s no app worth the name for my favourite supermarket. There is an app, but it doesn’t do anything interesting and is not connected to your loyalty card.

    A chemist’s where I go does this kind of thing, customising offers for you based on your previous purchases. It’s creepy but convenient. Tesco does that too, but Tesco is too far for me to use. My chemist’s offers aren’t interesting enough though, they should try harder.

    1. The apps are good — I turn the phone into ‘landscape mode’, and then the barcode comes up, so they can scan it in the check-out.

      Do the chemists there carry make-up stuff?

      1. A confession – I have my phone screen rotation locked because I can’t stand it how it rotates on its own accord only because I tilt my phone a little without meaning to rotate. I’m a control freak.

        The chemists’ do carry make-up, but the make-up one can get on coupons is mostly just mascaras, and not even the kind that I use. I should really do something about my pickiness.

        1. Drugstores here carry everything — they’re like department stores. Big, huge department for cosmetics, all major brands, and they high-end ones too. The pharmaceutical stuff is not the biggest part of the store. One, I went into in the States, even had booze LOL

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