Canada Day [183/365]

Beaver With Maple Leaves on a Branch and Wearing a Canadian Flag Clipart

It’s July 1st and Canada Day, so Happy national day, Canada!

This date also marks the day when I could have jumped one day of blogging. This is post #183, and if I’d numbered them ***/366, as it’s a leap year, this would have been the middle. I didn’t feel like jumping a day though, so I’ll just let it be. Too late to go back now, and change all those numbers. In any event, I’ve reached half-time of my own little blogging challenge. It’s still not feeling bothersome, or as if I have to force myself to do this in the morning.

The two photos above, were shot with the iPhone (6+) yesterday. Still, after having had the iPhone for this long, I often find myself in awe of the photos it can produce. I still feel as if “it’s just a phone”, it isn’t the “real” camera, but it certainly is real enough — especially when the light conditions are right. The bumblebee in mid-air isn’t bad at all, methinks.


11 thoughts on “Canada Day [183/365]

  1. Of course that iPhones takes great photos. I’ve noticed that with other bloggers too. Good you have it!

    It’s quite cool that we’re halfway in the 365 challenge. I wouldn’t have realised if you didn’t point it out. And happy Canada Day!

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Yeah, I’ve known that and I see what others have taken with them … but that bumblebee in midair reminded me 🙂. At first, in this post, I’d put in a little Canadian flag [they’re like emojis], but that didn’t show up as a flag … instead it turned out like a box that said CA. Weird stuff 🇨🇦

      1. Ha! I know what you mean with the flag emoji! I was trying to use one the other day myself and I ended up with just letters instead of a flag. Disappointing. Perhaps lack of compatibility of this emoji across operating system and browsers? Don’t know, just assuming.

  2. glad to see bees are busy in Canada still. I’m often amazed at the pictures people take with their phones. Case in point.

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